Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunshine & Skittles!

...All but the yellow ones! Just had to steal this phrase for today's blog because that's what I woke up to this morning. Sunshine in the form of SUNSHINE! Skittles in the form of...
That's right, folks! I woke up this morning to that lovely sight. They still need some a lot of work, but hey, I'll take it! Want another look at those beauties?
Yeah...not as great closer up, but you get the idea. Things are firming up both with the upper body and now the core. Once again, I have to get that butt in shape! Might I add, though, that most of these changes have come along since about last Friday--just shows you what a clean diet can do!

As for my sleeping problem, well that's another reason I awoke as happy as I currently am--I managed to only wake up once (bathroom break) last night! This morning, my first thought wasn't "how many times did I wake up last night" but rather, "Wow, I feel really refreshed! I actually feel 100% today!" Thank goodness! That being said, in my time of despair last night, I called my mom crying in frustration (but seriously though, I promise I wasn't crying--sleep problems will get to you though!). Unfortunately, her and the pups had just gotten in their respective beds to sleep, so the conversation was short lived. When I woke up this morning, I had this sweet email awaiting me:

That's only a snippet, but you get the idea. Note to self: if you call your mother upset about physiological problems, she's likely to think that there's something on your mind and thus worry about you. Only just a sleep problem, but thanks for being so caring, Mom! You especially have to love her email title--I think that's where I get my wit from? She works at a middle school and she always tells me how the kids are surprised by how cool she is, how she's on Facebook, etc. Silly, silly!

I'm so ready to hit the gym and get in a great workout today! Yesterday was okay, but since I wasn't well-rested, I felt like poop during my workout. And yet I still managed to get 32 double unders in a row--score!

Here's what today's top 3 reasons why I'm happy are looking like:
Top 3!
  1. I have noticeable changes in my body composition that I'm looking forward to developing more!
  2. The weather is absolutely AMAZING! It's supposed to be 70-something degrees today. Oh how I wish this is what it was like all winter. Can't complain this year, though!
  3. Taxes are filed and I'm about to get a decent chunk back--thank goodness! I'll be able to order my competition suit and put the rest in savings. Woohoo!
Now please excuse me while I finish my coffee and enjoy this lovely morning! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

White Flag

It's about time that I fess up and let you all know what is going on competition-wise. Well, I have finally surrendered to the idea of a figure competition. Too much stress, and too many uncertainties in the life department to feel like poop while job hunting and interviewing. I also think I've been listening to too much Far East Movement, from whom I got the inspiration for this blog title. But seriously, love this song while running:
Of course there's no music video, but the lyrics are pretty good and it has a nice beat.

Back to the competition news--so does this mean that I will not be doing a competition in 2012? Heck no! (Excuse my lack of profanity--it's the first day of Lent, and in the efforts to be a little more Catholic and to actively try improving myself, I've decided foul language needs to go for a bit hopefully.) I still plan full-well to do a competition at the end of April--Saturday, the 28th to be exact--but I think the bikini division is much more suitable for me at this point.

So now that I have a competition date, a more attainable goal, and heightened determination, what have I changed? Well, I'm back on my prep, though it's slightly less intense than what I went through for figure. By that, I mean that my meal plan will not be changing to scale back carbs further and further...or at least not until the last few weeks. Training is about to be changed up, but only because my upper body progresses much more quickly than my lower body. Since we're not going for as jacked of an appearance, I need to make sure the lower body comes down quickly please! That being said, I'm meeting with Pleasants this weekend, and we will see what changes are in store. He mentioned leg circuit training twice a week instead of my normal 4 day split...

Training: check. Nutrition: check. Any other issues? YES! Unfortunately. These past few days I've been having trouble sleeping, or rather having trouble staying asleep. I'll wake up at the least twice per night for no odd reason. Then I end up tossing and turning until I fall back asleep (which is also the very reason I end up waking up). Great! After a brief conversation with Pleasants yesterday, I realize this is more or less a "side effect" of prep. I'm just confused because this never happened the last two times I got well into prep, but I guess the difference in seasons also has something to do with it. Hot weather does seem to make me more tired (I think). He suggested getting some melatonin or 5-HTP, which I think I'm going to have to do, against my better judgement. I rarely, if ever, use any sort of supplement or medicine to help me fall asleep, but eventually I'm not going to be able to function well without.

All in all, though, I'm incredibly excited for the opportunity to train for my first bikini competition! While it's not what I had originally planned on doing, I'm glad that I had this change of heart, and I think it will be great to see what I can accomplish on stage. My only reservation is that the bikini category is way more objective and is also more sexual, whether I want to admit that or not. And seeing as I don't dress very provocatively, this is going to be slightly out of my comfort zone...

Here goes nothing!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Compliments on President's Day--Oh My!

Technically I just look at today as another Monday--you know, since I had to work and everything. But it turned out to be a pretty great day! Long day at work, but it ended up flying by, and I definitely have more than enough good reasons to be happy today.

President's Day Top 3
  1. I got the greatest compliments today when at the gym! It was definitely a hodge-podge of a workout, but it was a great one at that. Got in some double unders--still working on those and still getting better (when my hair doesn't get in the way). Then I moved on to a 3 mile run. I honestly wish I could have run longer, but my body just wasn't having it. I finished up (ha!) with an entire back workout, more double unders, and some handstand pushups. I wasn't trying to show off or anything, but a boot camp had just finished up, and some of the older ladies I've previously met came over to talk to me as I got ready to head out. Their side of the conversation went along these lines: "We were watching you do those handstand pushups and just thinking, 'I wish I could do that!' We all think you look amazing!" Aww, thanks ladies! Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near my end goal, but obviously I'm on the right path!
  2. Eating has been pretty clean and I can tell a major difference in how my body feels. No more hippo feeling! Thank goodness! Also, since I've been trying to up my water intake, I'm looking less flat--my muscles are loving the hydration.
  3. As of tomorrow, I will no longer be lonely in the gym! My workout partner-in-crime is back in town--yay! I don't know what workout he will put me through I will put him through, but it's sure to be a tough one! I may be a girl, but I like to leave the gym drenched in sweat! And I figure at the rate that I'm improving on double unders, I will be able to do that intense CrossFit workout in about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks! However, I know for as hard as I've been working out, he's been putting in equally as much effort down in 80+ degree weather which I have to be constantly reminded of. Did I mention it snowed here yesterday? YUCK!
Well that seems to be all for tonight! Eventually I will catch you all up 100%  90% with life (oh come on, I have to use SOME discretion!)--I realized that I haven't actually told you all the most important news that I'd been working out for the past month-ish! It will probably have to wait til Wednesday, but I'm sure you all can hold tight til then.

I'll leave you with this picture, from when I got first hair gloss treatment about 5 weeks ago (time for a redo!):
During--sexy, huh?!
After--so much hair smooth!

Sleep well, friends!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rough Weekend!

Goodness! I don't know what it is, but I'm just feeling like utter crap this weekend. It's hitting me in waves though. Although now that I think about it, I think I know the culprit. Friday and Saturday my mom decided to take me out for lunch--we went to sushi both times. And now, I just finished a meal of tuna and broccoli slaw. Perhaps there's a tuna overload? Did I mention I practically mixed it with coffee? No wonder my stomach is hating me right now! Someone please guide me to the nearest toilet ASAP!

Not only am I currently having stomach issues, but yesterday when I got back into town, I met up with Toni at TP for a workout. I think it's just one of those weekends, but I felt like a hippo. See picture:
Blurry. And very unattractive. Thanks, Toni...
Note to self, don't wear tight tanks when you're feeling like a Hungry Hungry Hippo. Especially when they're grey... The weird part is, I really didn't eat much that day, but I must have been retaining water or something. When I got home, I was starving but stuck to my diet. Ughh, I think this will pass in a day or two. Here's to hoping!

Anyways, that's enough negativity/self-consciousness for one post. On to the positive!

Today's Top 3
I'm currently happy because:
  1. I managed to get 15 double unders in a row yesterday, and 16 today! Not to mention all the attempts before and after where I got several in a row. Yay for improvement! I'm on my way to doing that slam ball crossfit workout soon!
  2.  This adorable little thing is currently gracing my bed with it's presence:
Why, hello there!
This was my Valentine's Day gift from my mom. She decided that since it looks like Archie supposedly, it would be a great gift for me. I have to admit, it is SUPER soft! I don't really see the resemblance though, especially since Archie is a boy dog...
3. I'm still LOVING my new Brooks PureCadence shoes! Look at these bad boys! True story: I asked the Partner in Crime, "You're still going to workout with me if I get obnoxiously bright yellow shoes, right?" Obviously that isn't word-for-word, but it was something along those lines. Not only did he say he still would, but he's actually jealous. But who wouldn't be? Look at these beauties!
I don't know why Blogger won't let me rotate this.

I'm sexy and I know it (according to the shoes)!
 If those aren't more motivation to get my ass in gear, I don't know what is! And yes, I do realize that these are pretty much asking for attention, but in this case I don't mind. It's not like people are going to be like, "Damn girl, you gots some sexy ankles! So vascular!"

Anyways, I'm off to work, but I'll leave you with a few pictures of my lovely "stepmom." She's currently endorsed by Lady Bull Pen as she trains for her next bodybuilding competition. Wish her luck!
Get it girl!
Oh, and for those of you who don't celebrate Valentine's Day, this one is for you:
I don't honestly know if I fit in either of those categories. I'm more of a "Jump (rope) in place because I love myself" leaper!

Later gators!

    Friday, February 17, 2012


    Thank God I'm in Virginia Beach! It's been good so far--just the relaxation that I need. Not that I wouldn't be relaxed in Charlottesville, but I had today and tomorrow off of work and no set plans. I'm the type of person to get very restless very quickly, so I pegged this as a great opportunity to visit my handsome pup, Archie! Sorry folks, no pics yet.

    And while I'm down here, I'm also visiting with my best friend Katie's parents to talk to her dad about the Navy. Just checking out all my options while I feel like I have very little current direction in life. What I really need to do is finish my medical sales certification! Luckily, I have great friends who are holding me accountable and are willing to host study sessions for me. Not having deadlines really messes with my procrastination skills problem.

    Tomorrow afternoon, I will be back up in Cville just in time for some belated snow(?!)! Is it me, or does it seem like this is a little late in the season for chilly winter--how dare you, Weather Gods! Although, in reality, it's totally seasonable weather. I just need to move somewhere that snow is unheard of, duh! Wow, talk about stream of consciousness! Anyway, I have a great gym date with my "stepmom" Toni tomorrow evening! I haven't seen her in about 2(??) weeks--since I cancelled my Gold's Gym membership. The scene there (which apparently was me when I was the only female in the weight room) just wasn't working for me! Good riddance!

    Friday's Top 3:
    I'm happy because:
    1. I have been smothered with puppy kisses and hugs for the past 24 hours!
    2. I finally have clean laundry (all of it!) thanks to my mother's washing machine. Unfortunately, this means I'm still living like a college kid. Sigh.
    3. I got in a great ~4 mile run in my new Brooks around the neighborhood this evening! Unfortunately, my mom's house does not have much open wall space, otherwise I would have added in some handstand pushups--LOVING those suckers thanks to the Partner in Crime!

    I can't wait til Tuesday, when I can hopefully put him through this ridiculous Crossfit workout I found two days ago:
    • 100 Double Unders
    • 50 Slam Balls
    • 15 Handstand Pushups
    • 100 Air Squats
    • 15 Handstand Pushups
    • 50 Slam Balls
    • 100 Double Unders
    The only problems I foresee is that he can't do double unders, and while I can, it's only a few at a time...and lately my hair has been getting in the way(?!). Also, I've never done slam balls before, and I would have to modify the equipment that my gym has and use medicine balls in place of actual slam balls. I guess it's up to his discretion and we can possibly sub out some of these. I hope to get to this level soon though!

    Anyways, that's all for today! I'll leave you with this silly picture of boxers that I should have bought post Valentine's Day:
    Too Hot To Handle! Ha!

    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    Top 3: The Beginning

    Earlier this week, I wasn't in the greatest mood. And for having been recently referred to as "always having a smile on [my] face," I wasn't okay with this. I enjoy being happy and making sure others are too. When I really looked at the situation though, I realized that although things seemed to take a turn for the worse, the good FAR outweighed the bad.

    Because of this realization, I've decided that even if I don't have time for a full-length post every day, I'm at least going to touch on the positive things in my life. So without further ado, here's Post #1 of Today's Top 3 Reasons Why I'm happy.

    Thursday's Top Three:

    1. My co-manager at Loft went into labor earlier today! Congratulations, Kaylee! Colby is one lucky baby boy!
    2. I will be in Virginia Beach in approximately 7 (1/2) hours, which means I have some quality puppy time (and mother-daughter time) coming up!
    3. Even though I haven't felt like I'm in the most stellar shape visually, I have been able to knock out 3 miles in 20:29 TWICE since Saturday!
    Feel free to join in! What are your top 3 reasons for being happy today?