Thursday, March 29, 2012


Tease: (verb) Confirming a running date with a friend then backing out minutes before while said friend sits around in sweaty, dirty (ew!) pre-used gym clothes. Synonym: lame.

I kid not. My gym partner and I have been on quite opposite schedules motivationally this week. I blame myself and restless nights, early mornings, work, driving to/from the beach, alcohol, best friend sleepovers. Truth: I really wanted to fall asleep stretching at the gym today...before I even worked out! But luckily, that's all behind me and I'm READY! Too much enthusiasm? I think not enough! The sun has me pumped for all sorts of outdoor activities!

Confession: I did not go running yesterday. I had every intention of doing so--really, I did! But the night before, I had to drive down to Virginia Beach (I had planned on driving down yesterday morning) after closing at work because I scheduled a last minute bright-and-early doctor's appointment before maid of honor dress shopping. (Holy run-on sentence, Batman!) Anyways, I went to the doctor's office all grungy and non-showered, dressed in running clothes--which sparked plenty of convo between the nurse and I about road races--and yet by the time I left, my motivation had vanished. Oh well, at least I looked active!
If Glamour says it's okay... (But this only adds to my grunge)
Did you know Febreze Sport works on pre-worn gym clothes?!
Don't judge. Blame my landlord for not providing washer/dryer.
And those sleep issues I'd been having--hoping those are fixed in the next 7-10 days. I'm oddly very wary of prescription sleep medicines because you hear so many horror stories of people getting addicted, etc., but I had to cave in when I realized: 1. melatonin and/or Tylenol PM were not working, and 2. I was becoming more and more tired during the day. But yes, long story short--I went to the doctor's office and did not run.

Commence BFF time!
The rest of the day was spent with my lovely friend, Katie, talking about life, school, jobs, and all things wedding, since she is getting married in October! Did I mention I'm the Maid of Honor? Oh, I did? Well let me remind you again--I'm the Maid of Honor bitches! We had a very enjoyable lunch then killed some time before our 2pm appointment at Pure English, a local bridal shop. We went through probably 20 dresses. In fact, I'm 100% certain that I tried on more bridesmaid dresses than Katie tried on wedding dresses back in the summer. Note to all brides-to-be out there: dresses that look super cute in online pictures generally tend to be very misleading. On the other hand, ones that look meh or "just okay" or "what the heck is that thing?!" actually tend to be quite flattering. Weird, right??

So yes, 20 dresses and one "starving African child" dress later we had finally both narrowed down to the top 3 choices and even further, chose a dress that would be universally flattering on all 5 bridesmaids. The only problem? Oh, apparently THE dress was only available in that one fabric, which limited the color options to about a dozen choices, none of which are a true navy blue. And of course the girl working was neither helpful nor empathetic really. Next! Hopefully we can find a similar dress in the same price range that does come in navy. Thank goodness for the internet!

The rest of the evening, we were accompanied by our DD Tommy, Katie's fiance. Katie and I quickly resumed our slutty drunken lightweight ways by topping off our large margarita dinners with some actual food. Oh wait, did that come out wrong? Nah.
Note to self (and Katie): we do not know Norfolk geography.
Me: Let's do tequila shots?!
Turns out the Norva is not on Granby Street.
Tommy: 1, Katie: 0.
That was then topped off with an $11(?!) "large" wine at our venue of choice for the night:
Norfolk Admirals hockey, anyone?
It was such a fun night! And also pretty pivotal for the Admirals. As of last night, they kept their winning streak alive--21 wins in a row, which beats the NHL records! They aren't even an NHL team! Now that's pretty freaking awesome! Katie eventually abandoned her terrible idea of trying to find me a hockey player and instead invested her energy into yelling at the refs for breaking up the would-be fights (because what's a hockey game without a brawl?!) and taking numerous sober pictures with yours truly!
Self attempt #1...awk.
Apparently I get evil/slutty looking. Katie gets "squinty"
--her words, not mine!
Katie & Tommy. She's holding one of the said
$11 "large" wines.
Finally somewhat normal?!
Note: all these pics are brought to you by: 1. my hand, 2. my iphone. More pics (taken by DD Tommy with Katie's actual camera) will eventually surface and be laughed at.
Damn it, refs! Just let the boys fight already!
After the night ended, I resumed play time with the pups before saying goodbye today. The weather was 100% on par for a perfect day and a nice long walk. Followed by ice cubes and carrots! Say either of those words and the boys go crazy...
Somebody needs a haircut!

And now I resume my life as previously scheduled, applying for jobs and being the super glamorous gal that I am (read: sarcasm):
Must. Work. On. Leg. Definition.
What medical device company wouldn't want to hire THAT?!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back to (Serious) Business!

I'm so glad you all enjoyed my rant humor about interstate driving on Sunday! I figured that the post would either get met with a few of these: "Hey now!" but it seems like my sarcasm was well-liked. Thanks for that!

I didn't get around to talking much about my weekend at the beach, but I do want to give it some airtime. I drove down to the beach one confused little girl, frustrated with the job hunt, frustrated with the gym, and frustrated with my current lifestyle (read: lack of career, fleeting friends--darn you college town!, and just general indecision). For once, I can say that although I spent the weekend with my trusty sidekick, Archie, he was not my reason for the short trip. I honestly just needed some time to decompress, time to think about what I want to do and where I want to be come May. And I got a little bit closer to figuring that out.

Oh beach! Post-run.
SoBe lifewater with coconut water. Can I be their spokesperson??
All in all, it was a fairly quiet weekend, full of a lot of inner dialogue. I got in a couple of good, long runs along my old favorite running routes, which helped me think more rationally. So here's where I am so far:

I mentioned several days ago that I had a meeting on Friday that could present me with a life opportunity. In actuality, it would be a career/learning move that would change my lifestyle for a good length of time, and I've been debating whether or not it is worth it. I met with a naval officer recruiter to talk to her about a couple of options within the Navy. Although I definitely had a lot of wrong preconceived notions about Navy life, I learned a lot of the benefits of joining and how long each path would take. Hypothetically, if I were to go this route, I would strive for acceptance into their aviation program. The only problem with that--it's a 10 year commitment. Approximately 2 years of training and 8 years of service. On the one hand, that's job security. On the other hand, hell--that's scary sh*t!

This isn't my #1 career choice, but I also haven't completely ruled it out as an option. My biggest concern is my motive for joining, if I do...and that's a big if. I have a general tendency to do one of two things when I get completely stressed out and overwhelmed: 1. become a recluse until I find a more manageable level of stress, or 2. run away (mostly figuratively). However, in this situation, if joining the Navy was my form of running away, then I'm pretty much running into shark infested waters. Once again, this is an option, but I've been shying away from it after having the past few days to think about it.

Of course, timing just happens to be perfect ironic in that I got a call from my current manager at Loft on Saturday. This presented me with option #2, which had more time constraints and wasn't necessarily a sure thing. Back when I was commuting between here and Richmond, I had the pleasure of meeting some pretty important people within the company, and my work at the Richmond store did not go unnoticed. From here, I had the Richmond store manager asking several people for me, by name, in order to create a full-time position for me within their store.

Well, during my phone call Saturday, my manager mentioned that our district manager--the one with the local authority to secure me this position--was leaving the company as of this Friday, and if I want the position, it's mine. However, it's not so much of a done deal because I'd be going down there with a part-time position in the hopes of it transitioning to full-time in approximately 13 weeks. For as much as I've enjoyed working within the company, I realized I don't have the passion for it in order to make this a career for myself. I was having a hard time admitting that, but as someone helpfully pointed out to me recently, working at Loft (in the position that I have) is a job, not necessarily a career. I don't want to offend anyone, because I know that for the right person, it can be a career... But it's just not what I want from myself. I know this sounds a bit wrong, but I want to be defined by my career to a certain extent, and I just want more from myself. So with that, I broke the news that it was too much of a risk for too much uncertainty in a city that I know I am not fond of in the least.

That leaves me with option #3, which is actually #1 on my desirable careers list: medical device sales. Yes, yes, I've mentioned it before, and I'm finished with the certification I needed to progress in my job hunt. Now the only roadblock is meeting the other qualifications for the positions deemed "entry level" and playing the waiting game. Let me tell you something--this girl is not patient! It's also frustrating when you're looking to relocate--somehow it seems like that makes me less desirable to the companies I've applied to with out-of-state vacancies. If my job hunt was a board game, I would not be collecting $200 every time I pass go at the present moment. But hey, if a thimble can own Boardwalk Place, then there's still some hope, right?!

And I'm off topic...
If stream of consciousness was a job requirement, I'd be set fo' life, yo! ...Back to my weekend. So those decisions were made, but I also was faced with the daunting health and fitness decisions/goals/whatever you call it. Those running routes that I mentioned earlier--I missed them. Not necessarily for the location, but for the memories they elicited of my days as a runner. For the record, I do not currently consider myself a runner. I don't really consider myself a bikini or figure competitor either. I do consider myself an athlete, as I have numerous athletic tendencies and habits. If there was a superlative for athletes, I'd strive to be Best All-Around. Between just Saturday and Sunday, I ran over 14 miles. Add on Monday's two runs totaling a little over 8 miles, and I have a solid 22+ miles in 3 days. Good for my current standards, but mediocre compared to some of the running blogs I follow. Maybe I should just blame those bloggers, but I've found myself stuck at a crossroad between training goals. Do I continue down my bikini competition road--which I'd fallen off of nutritionally lately due to issues (not being hungry thus not eating 6 meals a day, not being hungry for the right foods, stomach bug & stress)--or do I up my intensity and gain that title of "runner"?
Do I want to capture more events in these kicks?
The neons seem to be really photogenic.
Either way, I'm not going to be giving up strength training and cross-training. I refuse. I also think that I am just trying to do too much too soon, in a very minimal time frame. For goodness sake--I move out of my apartment toward the end of May! I'm trying to find a job! Do I need to worry about my diet macros and whether or not I'm working hard enough to lean out?

I think the honest answer here is no. However, with that comes an incredible feeling of guilt. And I know, I know, I really should not be feeling guilty about this. But I feel like such a stage tease (for lack of better phrasing). I keep telling myself--and telling you all--that I'm going to do amazing things, but I just haven't been able to yet. I don't yet know what competing in a bikini competition can do for me, but I know what running can do for me, and I trust it.

I stumbled upon a box of mementos the other day--running medals, newspaper clippings of ranks and times--those sort of things. And yes, I do miss competitive running, especially when I read about it on a daily basis. However, if that's the route I choose to pursue (which is highly likely for the next few least til I move and start a career--then I'll reconsider bikini), I'm going to do a few things differently. Like I said, I'll be keeping up with the strength training and incorporating more cross-training. I also just want to re-evaluate my nutrition as compared to what it was back in my heyday. I want to keep my muscle base, and not waste away into the unnecessarily yet unhealthily tiny thing that I was back during high school. Note to self: a bag of Smart Pop popcorn is NOT a meal.

Luckily, this goal change is pretty easy, and I'm not totally giving up on the bikini competition. Just putting it off yet again, until I find a better mentality which will only come with a known career and known living arrangements. Am I a bit disappointed? Yes. Will I get over it? Yes. All in all, I'm content with this decision. And look, I even got some new gear to prove it!
Pretty colors! And yes, the sports bra matches my shoes.
New kicks! Note to self: you are not a character
on Fresh Prince, so stop saying "kicks"!
Mizunos for $40 at TJMaxx? Confession: I drove back to Cville
to snatch these up before they were gone...after a little research.
Why yes, I do need to Windex my mirror.
 Any tough decisions lately?
Also, for whoever searched my blog for "shoes size" and/or "long toes" lately, I promise I really don't have big feet. I generally wear a size 8 in sandals, etc. Heels are 7 1/2 because I have narrow feet. However, when it comes to running shoes, I generally wear a size 10. I've also worn wide running shoes because of my "long toes"--I need the extra room in the toe box for my wee ones to expand. The Mizunos pictured are actually a 9.5 but they fit like a glove, phew! Now will the curious reader please come forward! I promise I won't tell your significant other that you have a foot fetish! ;)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Confessions of a Chronic Speeder

Now before you go misreading that title, gasping "I never would have guessed!" and promptly checking me into rehab for a coke addiction, let me first just mention that my other working title for this post was A Chronic Speeder's Guidelines to Driving. Oh wait--I guess that still sounds about the same.

Today's post comes with a LOT of forewarnings. First, Mom, if you are reading this, you may not want to continue any further, otherwise you may not be able to sleep at night and may want to confiscate my coke car. Second, to all my other readers out there, this post may be highly offensive if you or others you know fall into any of my categories. However, the objective of this blog is solely to rant for humorous purposes. I promise that I am in no way trying to offend anyone. If you've heeded my warning, then without further ado...

The Serious
Today I endured a 2-1/2 hour drive from Virginia Beach back to Charlottesville. This is a drive that I know very well and that I've taken more frequently than I would generally care to make. And yet every time I make this drive, I end up: 1. amused, and 2. highly annoyed. Because of this, I have decided that some guidelines are in order for anyone that ever drives on I-64 at the same time/same day as me.
  1. Ideally, I should be the only car on the road. Now, since I know this isn't possible in the least until I become more famous than the Pres, I've made a few adjustments. Otherwise the guidelines wouldn't be plural.
  2. Minivans should under NO circumstances drive in the left lane. Because let's be honest--in general, soccer moms or family men drive mini vans. These are the people that tend to drive slower and take eons to pass. And if that isn't the case, then why the hell are you driving so fast with kids in your car?!
  3. Just because you have a yellow Dodge Charger and you poor thing made the poor choice of getting "Daytona" detailed on the sides of said Charger, that in NO WAY makes you a Nascar driver. No one cares that you chose to waste your money on stupid loud obnoxious shit so you can impress the unfortunate girl in your passenger seat. Did I mention that this is Virginia? AND you have Virginia tags? Last I checked, Daytona is quite a ways a way.
  4. This one is the kicker. And the original reason for this blog post. To the woman driving spastically in the old sports car with a Baby On Board sign in the rear window: 1. Please learn to drive in your lane if you have a baby in the car. 2. Why the hell are you smoking with a baby in the car?! 3. If you do not have a baby in the car, maybe you should take the sign down so people don't criticize your bad parenting. Or maybe you just forgot to take it down from 5 years ago when you actually had the kid? Oopsies!
  5. Under no circumstances should it ever be okay to brake on the interstate. There's this thing called decelerating where you just take your foot off the gas pedal... Okay, wait--I just thought of a reason to brake on the highway. If Bambi or a peacock or _insert animal here_ happens to run/fly/walk/skip in front of your car, then and only then is it okay to brake.
  6. If you are in the left lane and not going a reasonable 10 miles over the speed limit, and I (or some other faster car happens to come up behind you, please save us all some time and move over. The left lane is the passing lane after all, and if you're not passing anyone, then you should probably not be in it. Even I will move over if a speed demon comes along!
  7. If you have Tiny Man Complex or Weak Woman Complex and thus MUST drive a HUGE SUV, and you're in the left lane, please be aware that us smaller cars can not see above, below, around, or through you. That being said, please don't sway through the entire lane. And if I do happen to drift to one side or the other, it's because of said vision problem.
  8. Please please PLEASE don't be tacky with bumper stickers. Generally speaking, none is enough, but if you must have one, limit it to like 2. And in strategic locations on your vehicle please. In general, if you break this rule, than you are susceptible to me driving too close to you because I really don't want to read your bumper stickers. And am most likely trying to pass you because you drive too slow and all your tree-hugging bumper stickers cast you as a hypocritical hippie that is driving a car with emissions large enough to defeat your life's purpose.
There were are a few more to this list, but as I suspected, my brain only retained so much during my drive when I so efficiently thought up this post. Let me also just mention that even though it sounds like I am a "reckless" driver according to some *cough* pot calls the kettle black *cough* I have never gotten a speeding ticket, nor a reckless driving ticket. Now please don't go mistaking that with I've never been pulled over for speeding--because, yes, guilty as charged. However, for whatever reason--just to name some off the top of my head: I'm cute, I know how to cry on command (I kid!), no cop really wants to give a ginger a ticket for fear of eternal bad luck, I think both times I was wearing dresses..., oh and I don't drive the typical speeder's car--I've lucked out of getting any sort of ticket/fine. Maybe I shouldn't go advertising that...

And just to leave on a more practical/fun note:
The Silly
Don't worry, I didn't get the subtitles backward...

My Neons had a bad run-in with the trails...Pun intended!
Keys in the ignition, but no, I was not driving!
The sole purpose for going home! Isn't my mom an awesome photog?!
 Like I said, this post is meant to be humorous. Plotting the post during the drive back to Cville kept my mind off of other things, and I thought it would be light/silly enough to share with you folks! Tomorrow or later today will resume Just Another Rep as previously scheduled. I hope I've never shared my license plate number on here...!

Do you have any pet peeves while driving?
I also dislike the people that throw their cigarette butts out the window so that they hit your windshield and that's all you can smell for 5 minutes! Grr!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beach Weekend. AGAIN?!

Tomorrow I'm visiting the pups and my mom and sister in Virginia Beach! (El, if you don't want your name/title scratched through, give me my money! Oh, and send me what I told you to last month!) I don't know what it is, but lately I've been taking trips down there every few weekends, pretty much whenever I have a weekend off. For as much as I'm looking forward to this weekend, I'm also sort of dreading it, because I have to get some stuff sorted out. Oh, and it's St. Patrick's Day weekend and for the second year in a row, it will probably be a dry one. Who am I kidding, I'm only like 1/16th Irish anyway. Hence my glowingly tan skin (and the numerous comments I get on "not being a typical ginger" day after day)!

Anyways, I'm a little off my routine these days. Work has me going to the gym at all different times lately, and by the time I do get there--whether it's 4:45, 6:45, or 9:15--I'm mad tired and can barely eek out what I consider to be a half-assed workout. I think my body and my mind are working at two entirely different paces. I'm having trouble sleeping and just keeping my energy level up, which may have something to do with some very eerie dreams I've woken up to lately. For instance, yesterday I woke up to a nightmare about a former coworker (one I haven't seen in months), and it just so happened that at work that morning, she was one of the first clients that walked through the door. To say I was a little freaked out is an understatement.

Despite the dreams, even if I am able to fall asleep relatively easily, I wake up super tired, as though I've been running a marathon in my sleep (okay, yes, that is an exaggeration). Can I blame the weather? Speaking of which--it has been GORGEOUS here lately! I managed to get some spring cleaning under my belt this morning, after having trashed my room yesterday pulling out a weather-appropriate work outfit. True fact--I don't like clutter. I don't like messes. Sure, I leave a few key things lying around, but for the most part, I like things to be neat and organized. Which would be a lot easier if I had my own nice apartment instead of the current shit hole that I live in. But yes, so pulling out spring clothes meant packing up winter clothes and taking those to Virginia Beach with me tomorrow--I figure since I'm not staying in Cville, but I don't know where I am going, I might as well get stuff out of the apartment now while I don't have to deal with all the college kids moving at the same time. (Hooray for run-on sentences!).

Back to the gym--apparently I'm SO easily sidetracked these days... my workouts are far from desirable. Ideally, I would be there now if I could, finishing up the workout that I walked out on earlier today. Good news is this: I'm up to 25-30 double unders at a time now! Oh, and I'm now the proud owner of a 15lb Title Boxing medicine ball! Although I had to wait an extra week and a half to get the correct size since they sent me a 13-pounder instead and now I have to go out of my way to get to the UPS store to send the incorrect one back... I thought Amazon was supposed to be easy! I tried wall balls for the first time on Monday, and would love to go at it again with the right size medicine ball now. I guess the good thing about CrossFit workouts is that you're essentially just competing against yourself. Oh goodness.

Enough complaining! Here are some reasons I have to be not miserable:
  • Double unders--still improving! And at a greater rate than my competition.
  • I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow! Hello, healthy hair!
  • My aunt that is currently a medical sales rep is AWESOME and passing along my resume/info for positions through her company. (Thanks, Aunt Susan!)
  • The weather is warm, I'll be at the beach--there is no way I'm leaving VB without laying out ON THE BEACH and running at Seashore State Park. I just have to remember to get there a back way since the Shamrock Marathon and Half are this weekend.
  • Archie. Puppy love > anything else. Or so I tell myself. It's unconditional, right?
  • I got to hang out with this sweet girl on Monday:
Maggie! She wouldn't let me take a pic with her though!
  •  It's sandal season! True fact: I hate feet, so I'm sorry to subject you to this picture of mine. And they are sweaty runner/athlete feet, so they're not even nice. And I have absurdly long toes. Awkward:
I am apparently obsessed with neons.
  •  I tried rocking knee socks to the gym and I don't think I failed (at rocking them... The workout--probably a fail):

 Damn. Oh, did I mention I have a meeting for a potential job life opportunity tomorrow? Could be one of the many reasons I'm anxious these days.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Really Wish

...A lot of things. For instance, I wish they would have done more with this music video, because the song is great but the video could be on a whole other level. Unfortunately, it's not quite there.
But that pretty much sums things up regarding my life right now. Well, at least the question she asks. Oh joy boy.

Anyway, I don't really have much to write home about these days. Job hunting sucks--wouldn't it be great if at least ONE job prospect responded to me? The gym sucked last week--for numerous reasons. And I think I only got in like 2 decent workouts between being sick, recouping, and dealing with other stuff. Oh, and I get restless on days like today when it's my day off and I have plenty of time to obsess over the failing job hunt. Oh, and of course I found a job that I would kill to have (and something I could actually see myself using my degree for), doing public outreach education in environmental science, but they wanted the applications submitted by March 3. Too bad I didn't find it until Saturday night.

So now you understand part of my frustration. Or parts. You can only assume the rest. Things must get better quickly--I can not stand being upset and frustrated and annoyed and...

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yeah, that whole giving up foul language for lent thing...terrible idea. I believe that lasted several hours before I accidentally let one slip. And then again because that's how I acknowledge my slip-ups. So you can only guess the abbreviation to today's title.

However, as I was kindly reminded today, I generally keep all emotions nowhere near the surface (generally...). So in an effort to continue on that path, I leave you with the most ridiculously fun/awesome/amazing Canadian pop song to date. Okay, fine--more like I-secretly-love-listening-to-this-song-because-it-forces-a-good-mood-and-I-like-the-instrumentals...
And if that music video wasn't entertaining enough, here's the legit one:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Extra, Extra--Read All About It!

So I have a lot going on on the "news" front. But before I get to that--apparently someone came across my blog while searching the phrase "Crossfit Beauties." Umm, boy (because it must be a male) has to be crazy! First off--I hardly consider myself a Crossfitter, I just dabble in it on a regular basis. Secondly, hahaha--if only this person could watch me workout, he would think twice about ever using that phrase to refer to me. Okay, onward...

My lack of posts can totally be blamed on the doom and gloom that befell me after the Sunshine & Skittles to which I referred a couple weeks ago. The truth is, I had been refusing to acknowledge a lot of things going on in my life and a lot of things that were weighing heavily on me. I can't say that I've gotten to the point of figuring it all out and being okay with everything on a regular basis, but I've limited it down to moments of good and moments of not-so-good with not as much over-analyzing in between. I think if I just say that I need to re-evaluate my fitness goals and what's working for me versus what isn't, that would be cryptically accurate.

Don't get me wrong though, it's not exactly fitness-related. In fact, a large portion of it is career-related, followed by a portion that is geographically-related, and on and on. Bottom line: I could be doing a whole lot better than I currently am, and that's not just because I just got over a mysterious 24-hour bug that landed me in bed unable to move, eat, etc.

Luckily, the bug has passed, although leaving my body not quite up to par with my motivation. And also fortunately enough for me, not only did I finish reading my medical sales certification training manual, but I got on a roll and took the test... I failed passed! With flying colors, holler! Out of 150 questions, this chick only missed 8. Not perfect as I continually strive to be, but I'd definitely write home about that one. Or call. Oh wait--I already did that!

I think all the recent events that have me contained to my own mind these past few weeks have really lit a fire under me to get going, get on with life, and finally get out of Charlottesville! It's a process. Luckily, I've been able to now start applying for more medical sales positions, but I also have a second lead--something sort of unrelated (that I may have mentioned before) that I am in the midst of talking to someone about. I think my problem isn't that I don't have any interests, but that I have too many. And I can't stand to be restless. Before, the idea of going somewhere that I know not a soul scared the living crap out of me. Now, it seems like a welcome relief.

Okay, I know--boo for serious blog posts! But honestly, I think writing this all out has a cathartic effect on me. It's one thing for friends that know me to hold me accountable, but it's a whole other (and almost greater) thing for my blogging community to do the same. Yes, I do think that highly of you regular readers/commenters. I LOVE YOU THAT MUCH!

On the positive side, here are things that I can be proud of and/or happy about:
  • I managed an hour on the TreadClimber a couple weeks ago...granted that was to work out massive frustration. But it ended a little something like this:

If only the calorie count were accurate...
  •  I have friends that act as paparazzi at my beck and call:

Note the display to the left...
  •  I found a portable Archie:

New BFFL poochie! Yeah...right...
  •  Dymatize is officially the love of my life, especially Lauren, the super sweet customer service gal who not only replaced my terrible-tasting protein powder, but also included a sling bag sample pack for me:
Lauren--you rock!

 Oh, and for good measure, let me leave you with something to laugh at me about something not to do at the gym...especially if you are me:

Let's just say this was not my idea. And probably a type of "training" I should no longer do...