Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunshine & Skittles!

...All but the yellow ones! Just had to steal this phrase for today's blog because that's what I woke up to this morning. Sunshine in the form of SUNSHINE! Skittles in the form of...
That's right, folks! I woke up this morning to that lovely sight. They still need some a lot of work, but hey, I'll take it! Want another look at those beauties?
Yeah...not as great closer up, but you get the idea. Things are firming up both with the upper body and now the core. Once again, I have to get that butt in shape! Might I add, though, that most of these changes have come along since about last Friday--just shows you what a clean diet can do!

As for my sleeping problem, well that's another reason I awoke as happy as I currently am--I managed to only wake up once (bathroom break) last night! This morning, my first thought wasn't "how many times did I wake up last night" but rather, "Wow, I feel really refreshed! I actually feel 100% today!" Thank goodness! That being said, in my time of despair last night, I called my mom crying in frustration (but seriously though, I promise I wasn't crying--sleep problems will get to you though!). Unfortunately, her and the pups had just gotten in their respective beds to sleep, so the conversation was short lived. When I woke up this morning, I had this sweet email awaiting me:

That's only a snippet, but you get the idea. Note to self: if you call your mother upset about physiological problems, she's likely to think that there's something on your mind and thus worry about you. Only just a sleep problem, but thanks for being so caring, Mom! You especially have to love her email title--I think that's where I get my wit from? She works at a middle school and she always tells me how the kids are surprised by how cool she is, how she's on Facebook, etc. Silly, silly!

I'm so ready to hit the gym and get in a great workout today! Yesterday was okay, but since I wasn't well-rested, I felt like poop during my workout. And yet I still managed to get 32 double unders in a row--score!

Here's what today's top 3 reasons why I'm happy are looking like:
Top 3!
  1. I have noticeable changes in my body composition that I'm looking forward to developing more!
  2. The weather is absolutely AMAZING! It's supposed to be 70-something degrees today. Oh how I wish this is what it was like all winter. Can't complain this year, though!
  3. Taxes are filed and I'm about to get a decent chunk back--thank goodness! I'll be able to order my competition suit and put the rest in savings. Woohoo!
Now please excuse me while I finish my coffee and enjoy this lovely morning! 


  1. There's something about seeing the appearance of abs that makes you feel like a badass!!! Go Liz!


  2. skittles!!!!
    yay for seeing abs!!!!
    keep up your hard work!!

  3. This abdominal exercise is uncomplicated just lie on the back with the legs inside the air and put your hands underneath the head. When you do exercises for your core, you strengthen all the muscles in a way that keeps them working together.

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  5. Tax money back?!Yay for abs and extra $$ for a suit! Can't wait to see it.