Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Extra, Extra--Read All About It!

So I have a lot going on on the "news" front. But before I get to that--apparently someone came across my blog while searching the phrase "Crossfit Beauties." Umm, boy (because it must be a male) has to be crazy! First off--I hardly consider myself a Crossfitter, I just dabble in it on a regular basis. Secondly, hahaha--if only this person could watch me workout, he would think twice about ever using that phrase to refer to me. Okay, onward...

My lack of posts can totally be blamed on the doom and gloom that befell me after the Sunshine & Skittles to which I referred a couple weeks ago. The truth is, I had been refusing to acknowledge a lot of things going on in my life and a lot of things that were weighing heavily on me. I can't say that I've gotten to the point of figuring it all out and being okay with everything on a regular basis, but I've limited it down to moments of good and moments of not-so-good with not as much over-analyzing in between. I think if I just say that I need to re-evaluate my fitness goals and what's working for me versus what isn't, that would be cryptically accurate.

Don't get me wrong though, it's not exactly fitness-related. In fact, a large portion of it is career-related, followed by a portion that is geographically-related, and on and on. Bottom line: I could be doing a whole lot better than I currently am, and that's not just because I just got over a mysterious 24-hour bug that landed me in bed unable to move, eat, etc.

Luckily, the bug has passed, although leaving my body not quite up to par with my motivation. And also fortunately enough for me, not only did I finish reading my medical sales certification training manual, but I got on a roll and took the test... I failed passed! With flying colors, holler! Out of 150 questions, this chick only missed 8. Not perfect as I continually strive to be, but I'd definitely write home about that one. Or call. Oh wait--I already did that!

I think all the recent events that have me contained to my own mind these past few weeks have really lit a fire under me to get going, get on with life, and finally get out of Charlottesville! It's a process. Luckily, I've been able to now start applying for more medical sales positions, but I also have a second lead--something sort of unrelated (that I may have mentioned before) that I am in the midst of talking to someone about. I think my problem isn't that I don't have any interests, but that I have too many. And I can't stand to be restless. Before, the idea of going somewhere that I know not a soul scared the living crap out of me. Now, it seems like a welcome relief.

Okay, I know--boo for serious blog posts! But honestly, I think writing this all out has a cathartic effect on me. It's one thing for friends that know me to hold me accountable, but it's a whole other (and almost greater) thing for my blogging community to do the same. Yes, I do think that highly of you regular readers/commenters. I LOVE YOU THAT MUCH!

On the positive side, here are things that I can be proud of and/or happy about:
  • I managed an hour on the TreadClimber a couple weeks ago...granted that was to work out massive frustration. But it ended a little something like this:

If only the calorie count were accurate...
  •  I have friends that act as paparazzi at my beck and call:

Note the display to the left...
  •  I found a portable Archie:

New BFFL poochie! Yeah...right...
  •  Dymatize is officially the love of my life, especially Lauren, the super sweet customer service gal who not only replaced my terrible-tasting protein powder, but also included a sling bag sample pack for me:
Lauren--you rock!

 Oh, and for good measure, let me leave you with something to laugh at me about something not to do at the gym...especially if you are me:

Let's just say this was not my idea. And probably a type of "training" I should no longer do...


  1. LOL! Don't post my video...I make it look easy!

  2. LMAO! That was a good vid to end with ;) Sometimes I read your posts and I think to myself "Man, she is so much like me. But writes about it a TON better than I do!" LOL! I feel that same way... I get a fire lit under me and I go crazy wanting something when it may or may not really be practical. I'm sure you'll tackle whatever you decide to do! :) Have a great rest of the week Liz!

    1. Oh my goodness, Lacey! I wish I wrote better than you! Your posts are WAY more organized than mine. I just ramble...which makes for some decent entertainment, but that's about it.

  3. Hahahahha I love that video :)!! And that dog pouch has me DYING lmaooooo!

    Really though. Girl, you're saying it all right here. It's good to know I'm not the ONLY person in the world struggling to find balance and clarity when it comes to fitness, career goals & moving up outta this b*@&h! :) I'm excited to see where this all takes you!

    1. Haha, I seriously feel like making a pact with you like "If by the end of _(insert month here)_ neither of us has a life path/defined career goal/a new city to live in, let's be roomies in _(insert random awesome/amazing city here)_! Deal?!

    2. Hahahah DONE & done though! Ughhhhhhh!