Thursday, March 29, 2012


Tease: (verb) Confirming a running date with a friend then backing out minutes before while said friend sits around in sweaty, dirty (ew!) pre-used gym clothes. Synonym: lame.

I kid not. My gym partner and I have been on quite opposite schedules motivationally this week. I blame myself and restless nights, early mornings, work, driving to/from the beach, alcohol, best friend sleepovers. Truth: I really wanted to fall asleep stretching at the gym today...before I even worked out! But luckily, that's all behind me and I'm READY! Too much enthusiasm? I think not enough! The sun has me pumped for all sorts of outdoor activities!

Confession: I did not go running yesterday. I had every intention of doing so--really, I did! But the night before, I had to drive down to Virginia Beach (I had planned on driving down yesterday morning) after closing at work because I scheduled a last minute bright-and-early doctor's appointment before maid of honor dress shopping. (Holy run-on sentence, Batman!) Anyways, I went to the doctor's office all grungy and non-showered, dressed in running clothes--which sparked plenty of convo between the nurse and I about road races--and yet by the time I left, my motivation had vanished. Oh well, at least I looked active!
If Glamour says it's okay... (But this only adds to my grunge)
Did you know Febreze Sport works on pre-worn gym clothes?!
Don't judge. Blame my landlord for not providing washer/dryer.
And those sleep issues I'd been having--hoping those are fixed in the next 7-10 days. I'm oddly very wary of prescription sleep medicines because you hear so many horror stories of people getting addicted, etc., but I had to cave in when I realized: 1. melatonin and/or Tylenol PM were not working, and 2. I was becoming more and more tired during the day. But yes, long story short--I went to the doctor's office and did not run.

Commence BFF time!
The rest of the day was spent with my lovely friend, Katie, talking about life, school, jobs, and all things wedding, since she is getting married in October! Did I mention I'm the Maid of Honor? Oh, I did? Well let me remind you again--I'm the Maid of Honor bitches! We had a very enjoyable lunch then killed some time before our 2pm appointment at Pure English, a local bridal shop. We went through probably 20 dresses. In fact, I'm 100% certain that I tried on more bridesmaid dresses than Katie tried on wedding dresses back in the summer. Note to all brides-to-be out there: dresses that look super cute in online pictures generally tend to be very misleading. On the other hand, ones that look meh or "just okay" or "what the heck is that thing?!" actually tend to be quite flattering. Weird, right??

So yes, 20 dresses and one "starving African child" dress later we had finally both narrowed down to the top 3 choices and even further, chose a dress that would be universally flattering on all 5 bridesmaids. The only problem? Oh, apparently THE dress was only available in that one fabric, which limited the color options to about a dozen choices, none of which are a true navy blue. And of course the girl working was neither helpful nor empathetic really. Next! Hopefully we can find a similar dress in the same price range that does come in navy. Thank goodness for the internet!

The rest of the evening, we were accompanied by our DD Tommy, Katie's fiance. Katie and I quickly resumed our slutty drunken lightweight ways by topping off our large margarita dinners with some actual food. Oh wait, did that come out wrong? Nah.
Note to self (and Katie): we do not know Norfolk geography.
Me: Let's do tequila shots?!
Turns out the Norva is not on Granby Street.
Tommy: 1, Katie: 0.
That was then topped off with an $11(?!) "large" wine at our venue of choice for the night:
Norfolk Admirals hockey, anyone?
It was such a fun night! And also pretty pivotal for the Admirals. As of last night, they kept their winning streak alive--21 wins in a row, which beats the NHL records! They aren't even an NHL team! Now that's pretty freaking awesome! Katie eventually abandoned her terrible idea of trying to find me a hockey player and instead invested her energy into yelling at the refs for breaking up the would-be fights (because what's a hockey game without a brawl?!) and taking numerous sober pictures with yours truly!
Self attempt #1...awk.
Apparently I get evil/slutty looking. Katie gets "squinty"
--her words, not mine!
Katie & Tommy. She's holding one of the said
$11 "large" wines.
Finally somewhat normal?!
Note: all these pics are brought to you by: 1. my hand, 2. my iphone. More pics (taken by DD Tommy with Katie's actual camera) will eventually surface and be laughed at.
Damn it, refs! Just let the boys fight already!
After the night ended, I resumed play time with the pups before saying goodbye today. The weather was 100% on par for a perfect day and a nice long walk. Followed by ice cubes and carrots! Say either of those words and the boys go crazy...
Somebody needs a haircut!

And now I resume my life as previously scheduled, applying for jobs and being the super glamorous gal that I am (read: sarcasm):
Must. Work. On. Leg. Definition.
What medical device company wouldn't want to hire THAT?!


  1. Dude, I totally don't wear new clothes for my 2 a days. I just let them dry out. I know its bad/weird/whatever, but I just don't have time to be crazy about shit sometimes. ;)


  2. Hahahahah you kill me. I'm obsessed with that dress!!! WANT.