Sunday, April 1, 2012

HAWMC Kickoff!

A while back, I received an email (I think?) asking me to join Health Activist Writer's Monthly Challenge. My initial thought was: "Wait, I'm a health activist? I thought I just sarcastically write about life as I know it, fitness and all." My second reaction was: "They like me, they really like me!"Finally, I calmed down enough to realize that I have friends outside of the internet this actually seemed like a really cool idea and one that would challenge me to blog every day for a month straight. In the words of Barney Stinson--Challenge Accepted!

Today's not only April Fool's Day (and you should be thankful that I'm terrible at pranking people... I thought about telling people I'm moving in 2 weeks, but then I figured that would only make me sad that it wasn't actually true), but it is also day one of the challenge!

As part of the challenge, I'm supposed to have some sort of health focus. However, as we all know, I have a very hard time focusing on anything, so I like to think of my focus and general fitness nonsense. I think that accurately sums up my blogging identity. Lucky for me, today's topic doesn't really depend on my health focus.

So let's just pretend it's one hundred years from now and someone stumbles upon a time capsule that I hypothetically stocked with all things that encompass me and my fitness persona. What would be in it?

Well first of all, I already have one of these things, except it's not called a time capsule--it's called a memory box. Secondly, it's not 100 years from now... but I did stumble upon all my high school athletic awards, etc a couple weeks ago. That counts for something, right?

I can't quite narrow down what my time capsule has in it--I'm sort of an athletic brand whore. I get around (in various different workout brand gear). Sometimes I do wear more than one at a time... Oh my, that's highly inappropriate! But for serious though, I would probably have my neon Brooks and my Mizuno Wave Runners in there. Knee high socks are new to me, but I'd probably put a pair in there for the heck of it. Also at least one pair of fun compression shorts. Oh, and a C9 by Champion sports bra, since I live by them and all. But let's not make this all about clothing, shall we?
Gosh, those look so hot!
I suppose I could add a bit o' sand too.
Time capsules are a tricky thing, because they should define who you are by what you put in it. The problem with that is that people put crazy cheesy crap in there and they regret that when they realize X,Y, and Z were never cool to begin with. On that note, I'd keep most other things classic. Forewarning, this is going to be one heavy time capsule, so it may take more than one person to dig it from its 100-year grave.

I think a medicine ball is only fitting since I use one practically every day and actually own 2--one that I keep at the gym and one that I keep in my closet (but it's a baby ball, only 8 lbs). I'd also put my GPS watch in there (which I haven't actually received in the mail yet--but that's how much faith I have in it) so someone can put it to good use...or debate how primitive technology was "back then." Or I'd put in a paper map to trick people because I'm just that mean clever.

Lastly, I'd put some multivitamins and some JetFuel in there. Two of the supplements I take on the reg. That just about sums up my health focus--running, weights, looking decent while doing both, and trying to properly fuel my bod.
What time capsule is complete without treadmill lube?!
And I'm officially inappropriate. What would be in your time capsule?

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  1. Right now... It would probably be egg whites, earl gray, tilapia & green tea capsules. That would probably be a real big mess after opening that capsule in the given amount of time. :)