Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why do you do that thing you do?

Everyone has their own reasons for blogging about fitness and/or health. For some, it holds them accountable and keeps them on their path to achieving their goals. For others, it's more of a forum to throw ideas back and forth. I write about my health because: I enjoy it. I find it fun, a relief. It's a way to connect with not only current friends, but others that I would not have normally met due to distance or other circumstances.

When I initially started Just Another Rep, it was a way to keep my friends informed of my training for a figure competition, since let's face it--everyone has questions about what the heck that is. It let them know how I was coming along, how I was leaning out, what cravings I did (not) have, and how far I had to go. Needless to say, my training for a competition has temporarily gone by the wayside, as I have far more important things to worry about than if I just ate too many carbs or if I was half-assing my cardio sessions. As they say, looking for a job IS a full-time job.

As the days/weeks/months passed, this blog turned into more of a means for me to share my daily ramblings. Progress I had made in several different arenas, whether it be the gym, at home, at work, or my personal connections with friends and family. Now I just write about my health to stay sane. And as a means of comparison to my former self--back in high school, the beginning of college, my transition from party gal to weight room hottie*, and now post-grad (*I kid). There are days when I don't have much material to elicit a post. There are other days when I almost feel like writing 3 posts but refuse to sit at the computer for that long and not spend time job hunting. Now I have the attitude of "I do what I want!"

Which brings me away from today's HAWMC post topic and onto today's happenings. You know that thing that I showed you last night? If you forget, it looks a little like this:
Oh hey there, sexy!
Well, I took Armin the Garmin (oh yes, I'm that clever and I name my running accessories) for his first test run this morning. The verdict? LOVE! It was a little hard to get on because I'm not as brilliant as you'd think, and there was one stoplight at which the timer didn't stop running for a good 5 seconds, but overall it's my new favorite toy. For sure. And now I can show you what my workouts look like! Just when you thought I couldn't get more boring...
Please note my annotations.
Let me mention that: 1. I haven't run in a few days, 2. I hate hills (and I'll keep reminding you of this), and 3. yeah, I'm out of excuses. I'm just happy for a sub-8:00 average pace! And look at that first mile--7:11! I definitely didn't realize that whole first mile was downhill and am not entirely convinced it was. But when I looked at the elevation details, there was no gain of elevation during that first mile. Hmm. My next plan is to figure out how far the Rivanna Trail really is. My hunch is that it's a little bit under 2 miles, depending on where you actually start, but that is to be seen.

And now folks, I'm off to do a little bit more of this before work:
Vodka! On the (melted) rocks!
Ha! I wish. My stomach could not handle that straight-up. That, my friends, is good ole water. It's pretty darn hot out today and this girl has already been through at least 5 of those bad boys! Don't you wish you didn't know me right now...?

What inspires you to write about health/fitness/blog in general?

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