Sunday, April 8, 2012

Best Coversation

Today's post brought to you by the HAWMC--what's the best conversation I've had this week? Um, really that takes a lot of thought, and I'm not terribly good at remembering much specific conversation. But I'd say the silliest, lightest, most fun conversation I had was yesterday evening.

It all started Friday night, when a few girls from work and I went to get frozen yogurt after work. This turned into an hour and a half of us chatting about anything and everything, including our former selves (aka awkward high school and college years). Now that I think about it, that was probably the best conversation I've had this week, also--who says you can't have more than one "best"? I love hanging out with coworkers outside of work, because it really brings everyone together as a team and evolves a work relationship into a friendship.

Well, when I arrived home at 10:30 that night (yikes, we lost track of time!), I was reminded of the photo box and memory boxes that I have with me in my apartment. An hour later, and I had dug through numerous childhood pictures--I even found my old diary from 8th-10th grade...which needs to be BURNED!!! No joke. I flipped open to a couple random pages and just sat there, head in my hands shaking my head and exclaiming, "Oh my..." To say I was a completely different person is an understatement. Quite the naive little girl. Very awkward for the first 2-3 years of high school for sure.

So last night, I'm hanging out with my workout partner and I mistakenly mentioned finding said diary. Big mistake. This prompted quite a few questions, but a lot of humor. What's really odd is that when I think of my years in high school, I really just recall those memories from my senior year. Somehow, I changed for the better between junior and senior year. From an outsider perspective, it's very interesting. The summer between those two years, I went down and spent the entirety of the summer with my cousin Kaileigh in San Antonio. Being that we are less than a year apart in age (with me being the older of the two) and are both redheads, we have a lot in common. The last couple of weeks, we went to a sleep away running camp in the hills mountains of Texas. I'll be damned if that didn't improve my running drastically--that even got some comments from former cross country team members the next season.

But anyway, even just looking at the progression of pictures taken on my high school IDs, my younger self was drastically different from the senior-year me. All of this, I was reminded of in my conversation last night, as I learned some interesting facts about my workout partner--who apparently was the "cool" trumpet player in the marching band. Does that even exist?! I kid (for those of you who play instruments)--I actually used to play the violin way back in the day. Then I decided I sucked and didn't want to use the bow to play and would rather just pluck the strings and I would never be better than I was so I admitted my loss and threw in the towel...or bow in this case.

Some of the best conversations are those when you're reminded of prior memories--mostly pleasant ones. And it definitely helps when you have good company to share with. I'm not saying all my memories from that time are pleasant which is why that diary must be burned, but I'm the type of person that can constantly poke humor at herself and still remain awesome . Unfortunately, I know have an agreement to read some of said diary to said workout partner if he plays the trumpet. The inner drunkard in my says I'm going to need a lot of liquid courage for that. Sloppy courage, but still. Hope he doesn't mind slurred words!

And since I can't leave you without some sort of pictures, I'm ready to dive into this Sweat to Street action today! Please note: these are not today's outfits, but they are from prior days in the week. Really wish I had a picture from my Loft outfit yesterday, because I can fully admit when I look like hot stuff and that was one of those days! I really hope you all don't think I'm this egotistical.

(Pre) Sweat:
Tank: Old high school team jersey--I believe it's Adidas brand
Tights: New balance (bought a year ago)
Shoes (barely visible): Nike Free XT Motion (no longer available at Nike online)

Street (Corners):
Please excuse the blurry sunlight.
Dress: Loft (last Spring)
Belt: Loft (Fall)
Necklace: Loft (few summers ago)
Shoes: Loft (few summers ago)
Blue bralette: Fruit of the Loom

The dress was a bit more low cut than work would allow I would prefer during daylight hours and the blue was the only bralette I had that would work. Unfortunately, this entire outfit is post-season Loft, but I promise to be more current next time!

What is the best conversation you had this week? Was it with yours truly? (It can be!)
The prompt originally wanted it in dialogue form, but as I said--shotty memory.
How would you react if you found an old diary? Embarrassing or accurate to who you are now? (Care to share some funny moments?)


  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad you joined in the Sweat to Street fun!! Head over to my blog & link up with us!!!


    P.S. Love your street outfit!!

  2. I adore that dress and belt!! It is a great color for you!!