Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Things

...I hate about you--good movie! But alas, that is not the theme for tonight's late prompt. Instead, it is 10 things I am unable to live without or else eminent death will befall me! 10 things I want or need most. Two completely different lists, if you want my honest opinion. I'm taking this one slightly out of the realm of normalcy by not just merely creating a list of concrete things but rather abstract things or feelings or what have you. And I'll go with need over want.
  1. Self-accomplishment: I'm pretty sure this one is important to everyone, but following up on my prior post, I have that Type A personality where I need success. I'm not asking to be the best at everything, but I do need to feel like I have a purpose and that I've tried my best. I need to experience all the means to the ends, and all that jazz. Fairly self-explanatory.
  2. Companionship: Think of how life would be without friends there to see the best and the worst of you. And not to mention everything in between the two extremes. A true friend is there for your boring days too. The days when all you really have to say is "Guess what, I ran out of egg beaters for breakfast, so I mixed some protein powder in my oatmeal, and although it wasn't as filling as normal, it was decently pleasing to the taste buds. Want to see a picture?!" Unfortunately, although I did mention this to a friend, this quote is slightly very exaggerated.
  3. Family:  I'm not saying I need all family, because let's face it--everyone has that one person in their family that just clashes with the rest and can embarrass you from across the globe, whether it be a distant cousin or what have you. But at the end of the day, family is just that--family. You were brought into the world for a reason by people who presumably (hopefully) love you in order to fulfill their desires and inevitably become your own person with your own desires. Yeah, that's too confusing/deep/whatever for me too. Whereas friends can choose to be there for all your non memorable moments, family...oh, well I guess they can choose too. Hmm...let's just move onto number 4.
  4. Fitness: I once tried having a lifestyle that was light on this aspect. It didn't like me too much. Then I didn't like it. It was a hate-hate dislike-dislike relationship. Then I changed and it resented me. I sent it packing (aka my fatter former self) and embraced the fitter me. Then I took it one step further and set some goals for myself (which I have yet to achieve, but all the more reason to keep on keeping on). This goes hand in hand with #1 really. I need to accomplish things in the gym and in my training schedule in order to really feel successful and healthy.
  5. Sleep: I really enjoy this one. Not too much. Just enough. 7 hours is on the lower side, but manageable. I prefer a solid 8. No midnight wake-ups for bathroom breaks or odd dreams/nightmares please!
  6. Protein: If there was one food (group) that I could not live without, it would be protein. Or more specifically fish (perhaps eggs too). If I was stranded on a boat with a fishing rod and a means of which to purify water and all I needed to do was find rations to sustain myself, I think I would be set. Although, if I had a hen living on the boat with me too, that would be a perfect balance. Fish and eggs. Sweet! Oh my, I'm an odd one, aren't I? Note to self: learn to fish better.
  7. Ice: I prefer my drinks on the rocks. I'm referring to non-alcoholic drinks, but if they are a little bit spirited too, then so be it. Call me a drink snob, but some things are better cold.
  8. Sunshine: I could never live on one of the poles, where half of the year the days are pretty much nights all the time. Yeah, I'd go insane and get a major case of SAD (seasonal affectiveness disorder). Some days, even being indoors at work (where I can see the sunshine outside) gives me a case of the mehs (read: a normal persons "blahs"). Let's go even further and say that I need calm sunshine--aka no wind! Wind = bad!
  9. Optimism: Yup, this is a biggie for me. Almost constant smile, please! Reality just sucks sometimes. For me, it's important to present myself how I want to be, even if I'm not quite there at the time. It's my face's way of "dressing the part." Appear happy, smile, and eventually you will have a reason to anyway.
  10. Sarcasm/humor: I need it. I want it. I have to have it! This is like the addendum to #9. Generally #10 creates #9. And vice-versa. Really, reading #1-#9 contributes to #10. And #10 is present in #1-#9. I'll stop talking in numbers now. But honestly, answer me this question:
Would you have read this far if it weren't for my ever-present humor & sarcasm? I mean "this far" in terms of this post and for the duration of your readership, however long it may be... Or does this just make you want to stop reading/subscribing/take me off your Google Reader? I accept all answers but there is a right and a wrong answer, folks!

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  1. I certainly wouldn't have gotten this far without indulging myself in your humor and sarcasm. <3 it!