Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photographic Exploration

Today is Day 5 of WEGO's HAWMC and today's prompt is a little interesting. I'm supposed to go to this site and consequently post on the image that appears. The twist? Well, there is none according to the prompt, but yesterday (when I thought this was actually yesterday's prompt) I realized that if you refresh the page, a different image appears each time. Unfortunately for me, there was actually a really cool image of graffiti on the side of railroad cars that I would have loved to write about. Then I refreshed the page and then I realized it is today's prompt, duh.

When I finally came across the page today, the first image just had to be refreshed. I mean, I'm not hating on anyone's photography or anything, but a grey tabby cat sitting on a brick area along a grey wall is not exactly inspiring to me. So yes, I cheated a bit. However, I only refreshed once, and although this picture would not be my ideal, I think it is definitely inspiring and I can totally relate to this creature:
Oh hey there, Mr. Horse.
I'm so original in naming animals. Next puppy I get I'm not going to name Pup. It may be because I have a French Vanilla candle burning in the background, but this photograph is calming to me. At first sight, it's a horse (that someone owns based on its muzzle(?)) going at it's own pace in the seemingly beautiful outdoors.

The detail-obsessive nerd in me can't help but notice the the blurred edges, the contrast between the shadowy, leaf-laden grass and the blindingly light yard. Not to mention the position of Mr. Horse, who appears to be trotting from the shade into the sunshine. I can't help but feel personified by this great creature. Not just because he seems to have darker red (okay fine, he's more auburn/brown) hair than me.

I'm sure you are aware that right now, I'm just shy of being the most anxious person in the world. Of course, I exaggerate by saying that, but I've never been a terribly anxious person by nature and this is new and frustrating to me. I find that I'm currently in the shade, still trying to figure things out with my life, and all those fallen leaves around Mr. Horse represent my dead ends. I'm hoping and striving for something better, to figure something out, and to head toward the sunlight just like Mr. Horse.

The only difference between me and him? He's trotting, going at his own pace, probably thinking about the awesome hay he has to look forward to eating. He has routine and seems well-groomed, so he probably has a pretty decent life. At the least, he has an owner that loves him (just like I have my friends and family). But I have yet to figure out how to go at my own pace, how to slow down when necessary. In fact, yesterday during my run, I kept obsessively checking Armin (Garmin) for my pace. When I thought I was going a bit too fast to keep at a good speed, I would try to slow down. A minute or so later, I would look back down to find that I had somehow sped up. Exactly the opposite of what I was trying to do.

There's much more to be said about this photograph, but the juxtaposition of shade and light is what struck me. And those blurred edges? It's as though Mr. Horse is leaving his surreal environment and getting back to reality. An optimistic reality. And now I promise I will learn to slow down.

What do you think of this image? What image do you get when you go explore on Flicker? Post about it (please)!

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