Monday, March 12, 2012

I Really Wish

...A lot of things. For instance, I wish they would have done more with this music video, because the song is great but the video could be on a whole other level. Unfortunately, it's not quite there.
But that pretty much sums things up regarding my life right now. Well, at least the question she asks. Oh joy boy.

Anyway, I don't really have much to write home about these days. Job hunting sucks--wouldn't it be great if at least ONE job prospect responded to me? The gym sucked last week--for numerous reasons. And I think I only got in like 2 decent workouts between being sick, recouping, and dealing with other stuff. Oh, and I get restless on days like today when it's my day off and I have plenty of time to obsess over the failing job hunt. Oh, and of course I found a job that I would kill to have (and something I could actually see myself using my degree for), doing public outreach education in environmental science, but they wanted the applications submitted by March 3. Too bad I didn't find it until Saturday night.

So now you understand part of my frustration. Or parts. You can only assume the rest. Things must get better quickly--I can not stand being upset and frustrated and annoyed and...


  1. It could be worse but it's not so that is something very positive. Plus, I'm sure you'll find a job in no time. Just have to keep applying.

  2. Giiiirlllllllllll. You are not alone & I completely feel your pain. Honestly though. It's frustrating because no one GETS IT and they judge/think it's so easy to get a job. Ha. I know this isn't much help lol, but for real - we will get to that light at the end of this long, exhausting, frustrating tunnel!!! Good things come to those who wait, right? RIGHT?!?! *fingers crossed*