Friday, February 17, 2012


Thank God I'm in Virginia Beach! It's been good so far--just the relaxation that I need. Not that I wouldn't be relaxed in Charlottesville, but I had today and tomorrow off of work and no set plans. I'm the type of person to get very restless very quickly, so I pegged this as a great opportunity to visit my handsome pup, Archie! Sorry folks, no pics yet.

And while I'm down here, I'm also visiting with my best friend Katie's parents to talk to her dad about the Navy. Just checking out all my options while I feel like I have very little current direction in life. What I really need to do is finish my medical sales certification! Luckily, I have great friends who are holding me accountable and are willing to host study sessions for me. Not having deadlines really messes with my procrastination skills problem.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be back up in Cville just in time for some belated snow(?!)! Is it me, or does it seem like this is a little late in the season for chilly winter--how dare you, Weather Gods! Although, in reality, it's totally seasonable weather. I just need to move somewhere that snow is unheard of, duh! Wow, talk about stream of consciousness! Anyway, I have a great gym date with my "stepmom" Toni tomorrow evening! I haven't seen her in about 2(??) weeks--since I cancelled my Gold's Gym membership. The scene there (which apparently was me when I was the only female in the weight room) just wasn't working for me! Good riddance!

Friday's Top 3:
I'm happy because:
  1. I have been smothered with puppy kisses and hugs for the past 24 hours!
  2. I finally have clean laundry (all of it!) thanks to my mother's washing machine. Unfortunately, this means I'm still living like a college kid. Sigh.
  3. I got in a great ~4 mile run in my new Brooks around the neighborhood this evening! Unfortunately, my mom's house does not have much open wall space, otherwise I would have added in some handstand pushups--LOVING those suckers thanks to the Partner in Crime!

I can't wait til Tuesday, when I can hopefully put him through this ridiculous Crossfit workout I found two days ago:
  • 100 Double Unders
  • 50 Slam Balls
  • 15 Handstand Pushups
  • 100 Air Squats
  • 15 Handstand Pushups
  • 50 Slam Balls
  • 100 Double Unders
The only problems I foresee is that he can't do double unders, and while I can, it's only a few at a time...and lately my hair has been getting in the way(?!). Also, I've never done slam balls before, and I would have to modify the equipment that my gym has and use medicine balls in place of actual slam balls. I guess it's up to his discretion and we can possibly sub out some of these. I hope to get to this level soon though!

Anyways, that's all for today! I'll leave you with this silly picture of boxers that I should have bought post Valentine's Day:
Too Hot To Handle! Ha!


  1. Righteous. I just found your blog and I literally read-thank god I'm in VA Beach about 5 times. I'm a native of there (go to school in Upstate NY) but anyways-how funny!

    Have fun on your gym date! I keep getting angry at the weather too (when it turns a bit more chilly) but then realize how cold it was last year at this time. I'll take this year anyday. (Well most days that it was warmer ha!).

    1. Thanks, Hollie! I found your blog a while ago and LOVE your sarcasm! If you can't tell, sarcasm is pretty much my middle name :)

      And we finally had snow here in Central VA--is it bad that I was practically crying "No, no, no! This puts a damper in my routine!" yesterday as it was falling?