Monday, February 20, 2012

Compliments on President's Day--Oh My!

Technically I just look at today as another Monday--you know, since I had to work and everything. But it turned out to be a pretty great day! Long day at work, but it ended up flying by, and I definitely have more than enough good reasons to be happy today.

President's Day Top 3
  1. I got the greatest compliments today when at the gym! It was definitely a hodge-podge of a workout, but it was a great one at that. Got in some double unders--still working on those and still getting better (when my hair doesn't get in the way). Then I moved on to a 3 mile run. I honestly wish I could have run longer, but my body just wasn't having it. I finished up (ha!) with an entire back workout, more double unders, and some handstand pushups. I wasn't trying to show off or anything, but a boot camp had just finished up, and some of the older ladies I've previously met came over to talk to me as I got ready to head out. Their side of the conversation went along these lines: "We were watching you do those handstand pushups and just thinking, 'I wish I could do that!' We all think you look amazing!" Aww, thanks ladies! Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near my end goal, but obviously I'm on the right path!
  2. Eating has been pretty clean and I can tell a major difference in how my body feels. No more hippo feeling! Thank goodness! Also, since I've been trying to up my water intake, I'm looking less flat--my muscles are loving the hydration.
  3. As of tomorrow, I will no longer be lonely in the gym! My workout partner-in-crime is back in town--yay! I don't know what workout he will put me through I will put him through, but it's sure to be a tough one! I may be a girl, but I like to leave the gym drenched in sweat! And I figure at the rate that I'm improving on double unders, I will be able to do that intense CrossFit workout in about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks! However, I know for as hard as I've been working out, he's been putting in equally as much effort down in 80+ degree weather which I have to be constantly reminded of. Did I mention it snowed here yesterday? YUCK!
Well that seems to be all for tonight! Eventually I will catch you all up 100%  90% with life (oh come on, I have to use SOME discretion!)--I realized that I haven't actually told you all the most important news that I'd been working out for the past month-ish! It will probably have to wait til Wednesday, but I'm sure you all can hold tight til then.

I'll leave you with this picture, from when I got first hair gloss treatment about 5 weeks ago (time for a redo!):
During--sexy, huh?!
After--so much hair smooth!

Sleep well, friends!