Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Self-Appointed Award

Umm, can someone please tell me WHY YOU ALL LET ME GET AWAY WITH NOT POSTING FOR THE PAST TWO MONTHS?! Sorry, I'm not yelling, just slightly appalled with myself. Where are the blogging police when you need them? Since they are clearly taking a hiatus from doing their job, I'm giving myself the World's Worst Blogger Award (but perhaps one of the most sarcastic?). I don't even know if I can keep calling myself a blogger at this point and yet I do...always... I guess it's like those sayings "Once a ____, always a ____," with blogger being the operative word.

But enough of that! On to the excitement that is my life! Aside from getting my sh*t together with my trainer and forming a game plan for competition prep (which I will get to in a minute), my life has been full of the following:


In case you're confused, no I have not been busy being self-obsessed. Instead, I've been busy working (read: driving) like crazy and looking good doing it! Let's be real for a second here--docs have pharma reps come in and out of their offices all day. Since I'd rather them not remember me for being a bumbling idiot, I figured it's probably best if they remember me as that stylish redhead. True story: my manager and I were on the phone earlier today and I was telling him how I dress in fun, bright colors when I go to the areas in my territory that I don't favor. His response: "That's interesting. Maybe I'll have you talk about how to self-motivate at our next district meeting..." I'm about 50% sure he was being sarcastic, but I'm taking that as a compliment.

Oh, and by the way, please note the awesome Impreza in the first picture. Five months later, and I finally got my company car! You would think that I would have a name for it by now since I had such a long wait to receive it, but alas, it is still nameless. 

Other happenings in photo bomb form (and by that I mean my iPhoto "magically" exploded on here):


Fun nights out including an 80's cover band, ill-advised Irish Car Bombs (oh, St. Patrick's Day...fool me twice, shame on me), and really that last one is thrown in there to prove that I still have biceps kinda.

And as for the competition prep...


Being a wuss after my cortisone shot
(which I'm 80% sure is already wearing off)...

This suffices as fair warning, right?

Can't start competition prep without new kicks.

Racking it up!

Bribery Motivation for 5am fasting cardio

My first Polar HR monitor and my singlet for the Pittsburgh Half!
Busy girl right here! Or crazy. I'll give you that choice and let you decide.

In the past week and a half, I've met with my trainer, Kevin, twice and we've mapped out the first two weeks pre-prep (of which I'm currently in Week 2) as well as the first week of prep. Let me tell you something, this is a whole other ballgame! I thought we were playing baseball and apparently we are playing soccer. I've been so used to the whole figure competition prep and the diet/training/mentality that goes along with that. This is like foreign ground to me! No more cycling carbs. In fact, no more carbs at all. Instead, I get that F word with a poor reputation--fats.

I mean, it totally makes sense, since bikini is a different class of competition and a softer overall look, but who doesn't cringe when they hear that word? If I'm being honest though, I'm so freaking excited! I'm 12 1/2 weeks out from my first of TWO competitions. Yes, ya HEARD me--two! I figure these competitions are a week apart, both in my hometown, and the second is right before my corporate shutdown. Talk about earning a week-long paid break from work! Gonna be well worth it while I'm (hopefully) on a beach somewhere getting tan(ner) and getting drunk off one beverage.

And now, because I want to be held accountable, and it would be nice to have some sort of documentation of this transformation, here's my first ever progress pic:
13 weeks out: oh so sexayyyy...