Monday, June 24, 2013

New Year's Eve in June

I'm sure by now, we have all seen and participated in our fair share of New Year's Eve countdowns, correct?  Well imagine that feeling of counting backwards from ten. Everyone always anticipates the ten, because they know that's when the verbal countdown begins. But think about it one more time--what really strikes you as that pivotal moment before there are no numbers left to say? For me, it's five (and one). Tennineeightsevensix...FIVE. Four. Three. Two. ONE! That five is where the anticipation really sets in and everyone is anxious and cheering and giddy and all around in good spirits. That's where I am today.

Okay, so maybe today started off a little out of the norm for me. A little? Yeah, that's an understatement if I've ever heard one. But hear me out. I woke up today without the urge to fight my clock. I set my clothes out the night before, and I knew what I had to do. Rise and shine, Redhead! Hop to it--a little Ab Ripper X action, a 5 minute run to the gym (counting toward my cardio total), 10 minutes of intervals on the stairs (pardon my lack of morning energy), some leg work to do what I can last minute to really accentuate that hamstring-glute tie-in, and the 5 minute run home. Done and done.

Now I'm not sure if I previously mentioned it, but my boyfriend and I are taking a break this week. That's right--the little yellow Keurig that sits on the kitchen counter isn't getting any action. Neither are the men that I cheat on him with (I'm talking about you, Starbucks!). I wasn't sure how I would fare, but after I got in my breakfast of champions chicken and cucumbers, I was feeling fine. Not groggy, not lethargic, definitely not energetic, but just fine. So I sat down. Big mistake. And then I chose to lay down on my freshly made bed. Bigger mistake. 7:20am and it was already nap time. I kid you not--I set my alarm for 7:40 so I could be out the door by 8, and I took a 20 minute power nap. What do you mean you don't do that too?? I wasn't sure how that would bode for the rest of the day, but I took it all in stride.

And I'm glad I did. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I NEEDED that power nap, and there's good reason to believe that I will need more throughout the course of this week. As soon as I got on the road though, I was fine, functioning normally. Or as normal as possible. I was functioning as best I could without coffee, and given that I had a gallon and a half of water to drink throughout the course of the day. READ: I stopped 3 times for potty breaks in the distance/time that I normally only stop for one.

I had a surprising revelation though. Keep in mind that the nature of my job means that I have to cater lunches to doctors in order to get up-to-date product information in front of them. It's the only way some of these folks can learn, given that they see plenty of patients a day, and one hiccup can set them back an hour, if not more. Well, working with my counterpart, she brought the food and it was very interesting--cold pizzas, but not like any pizza I have ever seen before. Patsy's Pastry Pizzas. I'll let you do the looking and the judging. These suckers looked good. And then, all of a sudden, they didn't. Okay, well yes, they still did, but they didn't seem worth it, even off-prep, and knowing myself, I would be good after just tasting them. Only because they LOOKED different. So it's not that I was going to kick all the hard work put in, and it's not that they were really a temptation, but suffice to say: Temptation kicked!

The rest of the day went on as normal (insert extra bathroom breaks here), and before I knew it, the gym was calling my name. When I first pulled in, there were no cars in the parking lot--SCORE! Nowit's not that I'm ashamed of taking selfies in the gym, I just prefer to do it when I'm alone. So naturally, I whipped out my phone and went to town, duh! I'd been getting super nervous last night, and even panicked over what vegetables to eat this week so I really lean out and everything tightens up. Well, looking in the mirror, I saw proof that "Trust the process" is a quote for a reason. Since today was my high water intake day, I am holding a leeeettle bit in my abdomen, so I opted for no sports bra photos.

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A little back action
And the Flex
As compared to last night's case of the bloat:

Hi water/veggie baby! Now GO AWAY!
But rest assured, the bloat clearly came down, and I left the gym in high spirits!
That, my friends, is the face of a girl who has won no matter what. It's the face of a girl that knows she has already accomplished more than she could have even imagined. I'm happy with the gains I've made, and I know what to work on for next time. (But I still have 3 gym days, and 4 whole days before the competition!!) Nothing is impossible folks--I'm elated more than anything right now.


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