Friday, August 15, 2014

My Dream Come True!

Ever had a dream you didn't realize? Not to be taken as you didn't achieve your goal but rather you didn't know such dream existed. I just fulfilled one of those, I suppose. I am now a semi-published "fitness expert" for! And there may also be a product picture featuring yours truly lingering around the website as well. Hint: it's a sport I've mentioned in recent posts. I'll let you find it yourself.

I say things such as "semi-published" and "'fitness expert'" because I do not claim that I have hard and fast credentials to call myself one or the other. However, I've led an active, fit lifestyle for quite some time now, and I do know a thing or two about blogging nutrition and fitness. Clearly, this has not gone unnoticed. Okay, okay, so I have ties to the owner... (Transparency = credibility)

A while back, I was searching for an alternative to Quest Bars because, let's be honest, those buggers are Pric-ey! ...Unless you're Type A like me and you time coupons right for when they go on sale at GNC and you can get like 6-7 boxes for just over $100. But enough with how cheap frugal I am. What started as a short internet search ended days later at this website. Enter in an internal debate that lasted a week trying to justify whether protein bars I had never tried before would possibly be worth the $30 price tag, and I sucked it up and ordered the variety box. Best tasting. Decision. Ever.

I kid you not, each of these Krush bars tasted exactly like the real thing. Especially the birthday cake flavor. I closed my eyes and blew out imaginary candles, and when I opened my eyes, there was no sheet cake sitting in front of me. Nor was there a Krush bar anymore. Obsessed.

Source: Pure Fitness Nutrition
But it's not just about the flavor. It's about the quality. Check out the webpage-- high quality whey protein- and milk protein- isolate, agave inulin, natural flavor, NO aspartame, FRESHLY MADE(!!)... Need I go on? That last highlight is the icing on the (birthday) cake (Krush bar) for me. What other protein bar can you buy not from a straight-up bakery (and even then...) that is freshly made on a weekly basis? I don't know about you, but that means product consistency to me. Not to compare apples, but this morning I had a cookies and cream Quest bar-- I had sadly run out of Krush bars-- in which the "cookies" were hard as rocks.

If that is bad enough, about a year ago I bought a box of the PB&J Quest bars that I could literally stack like bricks. Just imagine how it felt biting into one of those suckers. Quality control can sometimes fall by the wayside with mass production, so I emailed the company asking for a replacement box to those inedible bars... to which I received no response. In contrast, I contacted Pure Fitness Nutrition, the parent company of Krush Bars, in early May raving about the little krush I formed for these bars. Steven, the owner/baker/mastermind behind these protein bars emailed me back in person, and it was so great to see the passion he had for his product and the excitement over his customers' shared interests in it.

So I encourage you to not only check out Krush Bars for yourself, but also my little blurb on the StoreYourBoard website (as well as all the other great products on there-- Got a rack?). It might be the only review of mine that ever gets posted there if nobody enjoys my sense of humor... I kid. Oh and just a side note: a little birdy told me Krush is releasing a new flavor my birth-month this month!

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