Friday, September 5, 2014

Catching Up to September

If you're anything like me, you have some of those friends who you don't need to spend a lot of time with, because the time you do spend together is great and rewarding. I'm lucky in that one of my good friends, Emily, actually lives upstairs from me (she and her boyfriend moved in about 6 months after I did), and while we don't necessarily communicate on a daily basis, we do take one evening out of the week to get together and catch up on life. It's a great way for us to share our accomplishments, our plans for the upcoming days, and vent as necessary. We lend each other a different opinion, which is usually just what either one of us needs.

In honor of Emily's and my weekly catch ups, I am compiling a list of tidbits over the last week to bring you up to speed with my life. If we were chatting right now (probably over a glass of wine or a beer), I'd tell you:

  • I cannot believe it's already September! Seriously! Although it does seem like forever ago that I went to Utah, and a lifetime ago that I went to Costa Rica, I'm not quite sure that I'm ready for it to be fall. I've worn my bathing suit(s) several times this summer, but can 2014 please just slow its roll for a minute!

Attempt #2 at wake boarding.
Just call me Store Your Board's newest
(and only) model.
  • I recently came back from one of the most amazing long weekend trips in recent history. The boyfriend and I were able to "celebrate" Labor Day by doing no such labor down in the Outer Banks. It was a bit of an impromptu trip, planned just last Monday, but it was such a great time! I don't know why exactly, because we have traveled a good bit together over the past six months, but I can't stop raving about this one. Maybe it was because we did so much. Maybe it was because there was no hectic airport involved. All I know is that we enjoyed every moment of it-- spending hours on the sound getting up on the SUP, kayaking, and catching some incredible sunsets; attempting to surf in the Atlantic; and constantly snacking and  eating plenty of seafood. We relaxed, we were active as heck, and we enjoyed the light atmosphere.
Jennette's Pier
Snack(s) of champions after all that activity
"West Coast" sunset
I think we brought the contents of the boyfriend's garage down with us. His truck was full to the brim with two surfboards, the SUP, both our road bikes, and our luggage. I'm sure that was a sight to be seen for other drivers! Good thing he owns Store Your Board so he had the proper truck racks to keep it all in place.

  • Last Thursday, we spent the night in Virginia Beach, which meant the boyfriend was able to meet "my other family" aka my best friend's family that has "adopted" me as their second daughter. We spent the evening chatting around in the living room unfortunately watching the Redskins preseason game. (Redskins = meh. Go Giants!)
  • These are quite possibly my last few days with this little guy.
Post-groomer's 2 weeks ago
I have had a huge sense of guilt over keeping Kipp cooped up in the crate all the time while I'm at work. It's been a huge adjustment for us both since I went back to work in May, and I'm having a hard time balancing time with him and active time. I feel like over the past few months my fitness level has dropped, and while I cannot fully attribute it to him, there is an underlying sense of needing to rush home to make sure he goes potty, etc. That being said, I have a family interested in him, and we are working out the meet and greet details for this weekend. Tears have been shed. Tears will be shed. But I know deep down that this guy is way too adorable and deserves more attention than I can give him. It would help if I had a fenced yard instead of living in an apartment complex, but that's not doable right now. Bear with me if I seem a little down next time I update you.

  •  My mom gifted me with a lovely Claddagh ring to replace the one that was stolen while I was in New Orleans back during spring break of 2011. Please excuse the fact that I'm wearing it the incorrect way (although that probably only matters to the wearer of the ring. I'm sure the boyfriend would think it insignificant).
Ooooh. Ahhhh. Jewerly...and kitchen towels.
  • I started reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad while in OBX because I failed to bring a book with me (which turned out to be a good thing). I didn't finish it while I was there, and seeing as I couldn't bring it back with me since it wasn't mine, I ordered a copy for myself before we even left! If you haven't read this book by Robert Kiyosaki-- or his other book Cash Flow Quadrant (which the bf owns and recommends so I'll be reading next...)-- I HIGHLY encourage you to go out and get a copy. Or borrow a copy from the library.

This is a book you will want to have on hand so you can reference it from now til your days' end. No matter what age you are, it's never too late to reassess your finances. This book is all about financial literacy and puts it into layman's terms. Investing shouldn't be hard, but it's necessary if you want to acquire assets. This book distinguished between what we think are assets (cars, houses, etc.) and what actually are assets (investments). Instead of working for money, it promotes how to make your money work for you. I've been sitting on a good bit of money, and I've used my ignorance about investing as an excuse to not do anything with that. Let's just say that since Tuesday, I've been getting things in order, seeking advice, and setting up appointments with financial adviser friends so I can get this show on the road. Robert Kiyosaki also has plenty of resources that can be found on his website.
I dogeared a few pages that stuck out to me.

  •  Although I'm dreading the end of the summer days filled with boating activities, beach activities, and extra-long days, I'm bidding "good riddance" to the humidity that has come raged with it. My hair is ready to actually stay straight (or curled) after the 15-minute walk from my car to my office each morning. Confession: I actually bought a second (cheap) straightener to keep at work in an attempt to combat the inevitable frizz. Although the beach days (at this latitude) may be drawing to an end, there are some planned Fall festivities that are keeping me excited for the months ahead.
Crazy clouds before heading to Carter's Mountain Orchard
last night for their sunset concert series.
What were your favorite trips taken this summer?
I don't think I can honestly choose a favorite! They were all so different, AND I usually don't travel this much. I could get used to this wanderlust!
What are you most excited for this Fall? What are you glad is leaving with the last days of Summer?
Super excited for apple picking, trips to Pollak Vineyard as a member of The Smuggler's Society (their wine club), and some festivals coming up! ...And perhaps some new fall wardrobe staples??
Do you invest your money? What do you do to increase your financial literacy?
I have a 401(K) through my previous employer, and I have both a pension and 403(b) through my current employer. I'm trying to get into the stock market game-- I hear it's risky, but you don't get anywhere without taking risks. 

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