Friday, September 19, 2014

Fridays in Fall

TGIF-- Thank Goodness It's Fall Friday! Not that this week has been particularly taxing, but with everyone's anxiety heightened due to Hannah Graham, I think some time to unwind is necessary.

As goes for many bloggers I know, I am usually one to recap recent events. However, I'm flip-flopping this time and instead fast-forwarding to my weekend plans. If I'm being honest, I really couldn't tell you the last time I had a dull weekend. While I enjoy having plans, sometimes a breather is necessary. I can't say this will be that weekend.

Let's have a look-see!

1. The weekend unofficially started 30 minutes ago. My supervisor and I walked down the street during our lunch break to pick up some essentials.

Need another clue?
 Not going to lie, I'm highly tempted to send that picture to J. I was showing him a picture on my phone the other week, and he starts flipping through my photos. Being the cupcake-obsessed person blogger I am, I took a picture of a cupcake from the same bakery, Pearl's that I had gotten the day before as a treat to myself for eating clean during the week. J has heard me mention that I am a bit cupcake obsessed, a huge fan of Pearl's Bake Shoppe, and seriously have to force myself not to go get cupcakes all the time. In fact, up until that day (I think 2 weeks ago), I had not bought a cupcake since Mardi Gras! Yikes-- I was well overdue!
So yeah, J sees the picture and brings up, "Oh, what's this? Those are the cupcakes you were telling me about?" (There was just one cupcake, I swear. But multiple pictures.) I snatched that phone away from him quicker than you can say "icing." I'm an open book, and would gladly let him look at anything on my phone, but not my cupcake! I'm weird. I think/hope He accepts it.
Now, though, I realized I'm ready to share. My obsession must be spread to all the non-Pearl's-believers out there. And besides, they will go really well with plan #2.
 2. Last week, my inbox was graced with the best news ever. Back in June(?), I made the fantastic decision to join The Smuggler's Society which allows me a five finger discount at all major retailers. [Please don't think I'm serious about that statement-- I pay for everything that isn't outright given to me for free. Which is why I don't have any reviews on here-- I don't get free stuff. Womp.] The Smuggler's Society is the oh-so-clever name of the WINE CLUB at my favorite vineyard around Charlottesville (a statement J is surely sick of hearing), Pollak Vineyard. Don't worry, if you want to feel cool too and you live in one of 18 states/districts, I linked up to the wine club page for ya. You're welcome.

Back to that email-- my first wine club order would be ready on Monday, September 15th! As much as I really wanted to make the drive out on Monday, a. I was sick as a dog, b. I forgot, and c. I really wanted J to come with me so we could get free tastings (wine club perk, for the win!). We have plans to make a delicious dinner tonight, so what better pairing than a nice four bottles of wine. After work, we are heading straight to the vineyard since they close at 5 (how rude!).

3. Briefly mentioned, but hopefully not as briefly eaten, I found the following recipe for us to stir up.
Kale with Sausage and White Beans
Courtesy of Simply Recipe, but with the substitution of chicken sausage for regular sausage, and sweet onion for white onion. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I love kale. Especially sauteed.

4. This is a bit of a Debbie Downer, but early Saturday afternoon, I am saying goodbye to someonething near and dear to me.
I've mentioned it before, but my current work schedule and daily activities leaves little time for me to care for this dear pup. It's been a few tears weeks in progress, but a few house visits later, and I have found an excellent new family for Kipp/Kippernicus/the Kippster. The husband and wife couple have two high-school daughters, ages 12 and 14, with a house down a private road in the country. So plenty of places for him to run and get out all that puppy energy!

Luckily, they have offered to keep me updated with pictures and let me know how he is doing from time to time. The wife even invited me to visit on occasion, and for all this, I am eternally grateful! Needless to say, no kids pets for me for quite a while!

5. Bouncing back from bittersweet event, J and I have plans to light it up. A fire, that is (without s'mores, sadly)! J's backyard has access to a small lake, and for some time, he has been trying to clear out massive overgrowth to allow for a better view. I barely helped last Sunday before getting beat down by sickness, and now we have quite the large pile to burn (as a controlled fire).

You can see it off to the right, but it's much larger now. And of course with a bonfire, food and beer must be involved, so we are taking a page from Alton Brown.

6. Finally, Sunday is as-of-yet unknown. It could include festive Fall decorating. It could include a closet transition. It could include a polo match at (yet another) winery with some JLC gals. What I do know is that it will round out a fantastic weekend! Keep an eye on my Instagram for updates!

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  1. Sorry to hear about Kip. Animals are definitely a lot of work and time and energy! You are doing the right thing! Sounds like he is going to a loving new home. That Kale Salad sounds so good and those pretzels, ugh!!