Monday, December 27, 2010

Back In the Swing of Things

So today marked my first day back to the gym since Thursday. I had been meaning to go Friday and then yesterday, but due to work and having family in town, my schedule was way too hectic. Let me tell you something--having family in town is dangerous! Not only do they force a 180 on your lifestyle, but they ALWAYS want to go out to eat. Granted, if I was not determined to finish the training that I have started, I would jump at the idea of free food. I do have to admit that I did give in (I've been out to eat once a day, apart from Christmas day which was equally hazardous), but at the same time, these are my last eat-whatever meals until May-June-ish.

Sorry, off topic a bit. Back to what I was saying about the gym... I don't know if it's because I have had 3 days off, but while my cardio felt soooo easy, my weight training was anything but! Lately, I've been trying out various cardio machines. I used to use the elliptical RELIGIOUSLY, but it gets old at times. So for the past several weeks, I've been going back and forth between that and the treadmill (I had considered training for the Charlottesville Women's 10-miler). That was, until about two weeks ago when I discovered the StairMaster. I LOVE IT!! Every time I use the StairMaster, I can tell that I'm working hard. Half an hour of that plus half an hour of the elliptical and I was all warmed up for my training session today.

Today was bis and tris--normally my favorite muscle groups to work. However, once again it may have been because of the short break ( I hope), but I was done for! Not to mention, of the 6-7 different exercises I did, Kevin pushed me to do twice as many as I thought I could (20 reps, are you serious?!). Just when I thought we were done--abs! I'm not even gonna get started on stability balls (which I will rant about at a later time), but let's just say I detest them. Add a plated weight and I feel like I'm going to roll straight onto my head. Oh and note to self: don't wear slippery pants when doing abs--no fun!

All-in-all though, I'm glad to be back at the gym (even though my break was really short). Kevin and I were talking about my plans, and it turns out we have both been talking to different resources about how to go about the competition training and what competitions to look into. I'm the first of his clients that it training for a figure competition, so I think we are both learning through the process. His resource mentioned a competition in March, but we both think that's too early; my resource mentioned a competition that she and her friends are doing in May (hi Kaylie!), but unfortunately that falls around exam time for me, so it's probably not the best idea. Right now I'm looking into late-May after graduation, or sometime in June. I'm still confused about what class each competition is, but I'll keep you posted on what I find out and which competition I decide to do!

On a lighter note, Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you enjoyed being snowed out of Virginia Beach for another day, aka spending more time with me up in Cville! Drive safe tomorrow!

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