Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two A Days

Sometimes I just really enjoy being at the gym. I get to zone out and push myself to see where my endurance takes me. Yesterday was one of those days--after getting up and letting the puppy out, I headed straight to the gym for a nice cardio session. Normally Kevin would probably yell at me tell me I'm doing too much cardio and that I only need an hour a day, but after all the holiday festivities, let's be real, I probably need more.

So I got on my new fave, the StairMaster, and went from there. Got a little bit of the elliptical in too, but my training wasn't until the afternoon. The nice thing about two-a-days is that you have all this free time in between to do whatever you want go to work, run errands, etc.

Yesterday, I got back to Gold's for my training session with enough time to warm up with another cardio session. Being a personal training client has its benefits--I know so many of the people that both work and work out at the gym. If I didnt' have my trainer, I would be just another gym-goer, and I probably wouldn't know anyone by name that works there. But anyways, I got to the gym and scanned in, and the guy working the desk starts up conversation with, "Hey Liz, how's it going? Getting a two-a-day in?" My first thought: hell yeah! Second thought: HOW did he know that? It turns out, no matter what time you scan in during the day, if you come back in, the computer recognized that you have already checked in. Who knew?

After more stairmaster, yesterday was a legs day. I have a love-hate relationship with legs--it's always a pain in the ass (literally), especially when I have to do step-ups with a box that's at least 2-3 feet tall. But at the same time, I know I'm working myself hard, so it's all worth it in the end even if I can't walk afterward. Luckily, yesterday I made a deal with Kevin--I had already been doing 2 stairs at a time on the stairmaster, so I convinced him to let me do lunges instead, my other leg foe. I've noticed though that lunges are getting a lot easier--I've
even gone from 20-lb dumbells to 25-lb dumbells when I do them! And not to mention, I think the last time I did lunges was probably the beginning of December.

Of course, I got home and could barely walk up my stairs... But anyways, in short, two-a-days = <3.Hey mom, if you're reading this you should buy me this shirt isn't this cute??

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