Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 + 1 = 2012

Yeah, I don't really know what my little math equation is supposed to mean either. Although, if I had to guess, I would say that it means I must will one-up 2011 in terms of awesomeness this year. 2011 was full of half-realized goals and I'm ready to go all the way with them. I got 3 weeks out from my competition over the summer and I'm beyond determined to finish out those last three weeks and in better shape than previously!

Prep Version 3.0

I suppose when more time is involved for prep, then it's almost impossible not to look and feel better. But only time and dedication/determination/motivation will tell! My second failed attempt at prep went a LOT worse than the first, but that was due to work stresses. I have to admit, I'm much better prepared mentally this time around, and even if I wasn't I have over 17 weeks to get my shit together. Yeah, that's right. I'm officially 17 weeks out as of this upcoming Saturday. Half of me thinks it seems a bit excessive, the other half of me thinks it seems a bit excessive hopes it's enough time? This weeks goal: cut out carbs. Just for the week. Shoot me?

Luckily, I don't actually have that mentality when it comes to carb depleting--a. I've done it twice before, and b. it's only a week...and I don't really eat straight-up carbs too often (or so I tell myself). I'm definitely not much of a bread/cereal/grain person, but I do enjoy the daily occasional drink and fruit...and nuts--which reminds me, I gotta give my stash away SOON! Oh, and then there's c. After a week of carb depleting, my body tends to feel amazing (as opposed to tired/worn-down). One day down, five more to go! And I meet with Pleasants Wednesday(?) to get my new plan. It's supposedly harder than before. Oh hell!

Crossfit (Games)

Despite the fact that I make everything a (fun) competition in my mind, I've been having a blast incorporating some crossfit workouts into my training! Sometimes it's just really nice to get out of the rut of structured lifting, and I enjoy the challenge and variety of the WODs. This is one of the many beauties of Total Performance--it has plenty of space and equipment to do crossfit workouts uninterrupted! Oh, thank goodness! I also like that crossfit is fairly adaptable to individual fitness levels, and you're competing against yourself rather than your male workout partner anyone else... Did I mention I kicked ass? (Yeah, probably gonna hear about this later. But I just had to throw it in there).

The workout to which I allude was increasing sets of push presses and goblet squats coupled with 10 sets of 5 pushups. If that doesn't make much sense, it looks like this:

  • 1 push-press, 1 goblet squat, 5 pushups
  • 2 push-presses, 2 goblet squats, 5 pushups
  • Repeat until 10 sets are reached (for time)
It sounds plenty easier than it actually is! And I was actually down 10lbs on push-presses than is generally recommended for women. But I gotta start somewhere, right? Cool down: 3 mile an unfortunate 24+ minute time. So that may not seem too bad, but like I said, I make everything into a competition... In the words of my workout partner, "You beat the crossfitter at crossfit, and I beat the runner at running. I couldn't lose at both!" Touche!

Workout Gear & Opinions

On a rather different note, I'm in the market for some new cold weather workout gear and would love to hear your go-to brands. Generally I'm a Nike/Under Armour kinda gal, but I'm trying to broaden my horizons. And please do not suggest Lululemon--I'm not a yogi (nor will I ever be), and I'd much rather not give up my first-born child (ha!) for a pair of tights. 


Oh yeah, this was supposed to be a resolution-type blog, I think??. This year's resolutions are not the fitness-resolutions that most people turn to. I'm pretty happy with where I am and where I'm headed, given that I'm starting prep at 125lbs. That's a little over 10lbs lighter than when I first decided to compete in a competition! Hopefully I can work on taking some progress pics to go along with numbers/percentages this time. 

But back to resolutions--although I may be straying away from the fitness resolutions, I am staying with the health category. I'm hoping to spend more time working on general health and wellness. So my resolutions as of right now are to floss more and wear my glasses while driving at night more often. Yeah, I'm bad about those things sometimes. Silly resolutions, but definitely for the best. These are the more appropriate of my three resolutions. Some just need to go unspoken (and are even less serious).

Resolutions--make them? Keep them?  Could care less?

Here's to you, 2011+1!


  1. So psyched for you and your prep! This is your year! :)

    I haven't made any resolutions yet, but I'm not ruling them out... Maybe tomorrow?

  2. Why are you cutting out carbs for the week?

  3. I'm starting up with prep and my coach wants me to cut carbs before I start carb cycling next week. I suppose kind of to detox and let my body get used to all the protein again--yikes!

  4. Ohh good luck baby girl! That's rough!

  5. Thanks girl, it's really rough! But I'm halfway done!

  6. try athleta, they have great workout clothes and much less expensive than lululemon!
    good luck! my resolution for the year is to get my shit together and be less of a hot mess!
    good luck!!!