Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WILW: 2012 Edition

Today's edition of What I Love Wednesday is brought to you by recent events! And sponsored by yours truly! Note to self: blogging while watching primetime television is hazardous. Let's skip the blah intro and just get right down to it.

What I Love (in 2012) Wednesday

  • New PRs-- That's right, yesterday I PRed! Although (definitely) not a lifetime PR, it was definitely a recent one. These past few weeks, I've been having friendly treadmill "races" with PIC. This may have been preempted by me kicking his ass during one of the earlier Crossfit workouts we did a couple weeks back. So I suppose it was only right that he redeem himself by kicking my ass on the treadmill. Since then, we have been having unspoken "competitions" during our workouts...until yesterday, really. Although I wanted to bet on that shit and finally kick his ass into silence redeem myself via friendly competition, I decided to make my own goal during our run and was hoping for a time under 22 minutes. At one point, I thought it would be only half impossible possible to make sub-21:30. Well, I was wrong about the latter, but I made it under 22 minutes with a time of 21:57! Thank you Vibrams (even though you are obnoxious as hell)!
  • Thank you letters-- ...From my momma! She's such a sweetie! Not only does she send her children thank you letters for Christmas/birthday gifts (her birthday is 2 days after Christmas), but she uses Ratatouille stamps! Pretty badass, right?
Grr, can't get this to rotate!
I tried stalk-proofing the envelope...
  • Self home-improvement projects-- So I may or may not have broken ALL the hooks off our mail/key holder the other day. Blame my stupidity or my rush at grabbing the keys off the hook and instead of pulling up, I pulled outwards. Needless to say, the result was regrettable. Lucky for me, not only did Target have wall hooks on sale, but my apartment walls are so terribly thin that I can hear my neighbors thinking I was able to do it all by myself! Tada:
Above: 3 broken hooks. Below: new in-tact hooks.
  • T-shirts that describe me completely-- I tend to make a few noises that people apparently attribute to me. These include "meh," "merrr," and generally sounds that begin with M. Why Ms? I have no idea. Why noises? Because it's more fun that way. A few days ago I was hanging out with Megan as she was looking at nerdy silly chemistry t-shirts. When she stumbled upon this beauty, I couldn't help but laugh--it's me in a nutshell on many occasions!
You should be glad that I don't use such terribly fun terrible noises while writing my posts. I'm better than that (but not by much).

  • Sam's Club-- ...and the ability to sub out my protein options. Chicken just doesn't cut it for me. Enter: all this shit lean protein goodness! 
Why yes, I am that girl that goes to Sam's club and waits in line for half an hour in order to purchase 3 items. And yes, I have walked out, leaving my shopping cart in the middle of an aisle on a Friday evening because I didn't want to wait in line for 2 hours.  Fair warning: grocery shopping with me is like taking a kid to a candy store--I get extremely indecisive. Except I don't get everything that I want. If that were to happen, I really would turn into a puffy panda--yikes!

Well, there you have it--first WILW of 2012! Not too shabby (I think?)!

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  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!