Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Popping My Head In

...To share some exciting news with you! Drumroll please...!

In talking with Kevin about shows, it's official--I have set a date!

That's right, June 22, 2013, I will finally step on stage and compete in my first bikini competition. You heard it here first, now hold me accountable! But don't ask me how many weeks out I am, because I have not yet calculated that... With my work trip next week, I don't plan on laying out a game plan with Kevin until next Friday.

And yes, that's the icing on my cake for a great night.


(Playing around with signatures, by the way. At pure barre, I signed in as Elizabeth and was actually fond of them referring to me as such during class. I think I'll keep it.)


  1. Congrats! Oh.. I won't be able to see you though! I'm going to be in CT on those dates.

  2. !!!!!

    I can't wait to follow your journey!
    + I've been going by Elizabeth lately too hahaha! It's a great name ;-)

    P.S. Miss youuuu xxo