Monday, January 3, 2011


Nothing irritates me more at the gym than people who put their stuff down on a cardio machine and walk away for like 10 minutes while they get their crap together. Not cool. And yet, this is exactly what happened this morning. When I first got to Golds, there was a man on the StairMaster that I like to use--fair enough. So I hopped on the elliptical for about 45 minutes, but since the ellipticals are in front of the StairMasters, I kept having to look back to see if it was free. About 10 minutes til the end of my workout, I look back and it's not in use--yes! Then, when I'm just wiping down the machine I was on, a guy comes up and puts his crap on the StairMaster and walks away. 5 minutes later, he is still nowhere in sight, so I went on to the stretching area and kept my eye on the machine. Finally, 10 minutes later, the guy shows up. GREAT. I could have been halfway through my workout! Are you kidding me?

Not only is this annoying, but the fact that Gold's only has 3 (are you kidding me, only 3?!) StairMasters. All 3 are different models and so a workout on one is completely different from a workout on another, especially in terms of interval training. So absurd. And I think everyone knows (everyone that uses the StairMasters at least), that the one I use is the best of the ridiculously minute selection three. And yet there is an enhancement fee going through in a few days--I do hope they learn and buy more!! Note to self--when you see your favorite machine open up, no matter what you are in the middle of, GRAB IT and GRAB IT QUICK!

As for nutrition, things are going so well! Although, Kevin told me that I was going at things a bit backwards. Before I set out for the gym yesterday, I had a lunch of chicken and asparagus. While he mentioned that this is a good meal, it's not what I want for energy before a workout. As he said, I should think about it this way: The protein is for after a workout, carbs are okay for before. Think of a lion--after he goes on the hunt and catches his prey, he relaxes with the meat (the protein). So protein is for relaxing (or I guess kinda reenergizing after. Good to know. Now that I have the whole good, clean foods thing pretty controlled, I just need to work on getting in more smaller meals rather than the whole 3-meals-a-day thing.

Until next time!

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