Sunday, January 16, 2011

Save the Date!!

Guess what folks! I found my show! FINALLY! I will be participating in the 18th Annual Potomac Cup Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Figure Championships on July 23 in Woodbridge, VA. Mark your calendars! I've already cicled the date on mine (duh!). A big thank you to Kaylie for helping me decide (and good luck in your training, girl)!

Today has been a bit of an off day, though I managed to sneak in some quality cardio before setting off for Virginia Beach til tomorrow yay optometrist appoinments. One of the things I'd been dying to do though was go to the outlets in Williamsburg. Since Christmas, I have been checking out workout gear online--I desperately need want more. Although, in my defense, I have been doing massive amounts of laundry lately. Aside from the past few days, I have been in the habit of hitting up Gold's twice a day--once in the morning for cardio, then once at night for lifting and stretching. Let me tell you something, it adds up! In a five day period, I think I went through about 15 pairs of socks alone! 15! So I did what any normal person would do--bought more. I'll just think of it as my ecologically conscious self saving water by having to do laundry less frequently (don't disagree--my arguement isn't strong).

Lucky for me, when I got to the outlets, they were having some MAJOR sales! I just showed my mom all my loot, and even though I spent way more than I should have a pretty penny, I averaged about $10-$15 per item. I cannot stand working out in cotton, so of course I hit up Under Armour. Nike = meh. New Balance was pretty fun to shop in. Easiest shopping trip ever. Although I realize I may have a problem--when I finished getting checked out at the register, the sales associate goes,"This may be a dumb question, with all you've purchased, but is there anything else you may need today?" Okay, okay, I didn't buy THAT much only 22 items total.

Can't wait to get back to Cville tomorrow afternoon and get some use out of them! I do believe tomorrow is bis and tris, yes! Now the only thing I need is cross-training shoes--running shoes aren't cutting it.

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