Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gold's Owns My Heart This Year

Valentine's day was yesterday. For most grotesquely "cute" couples people, this is a special day filled with love, candy, cookies, big meals, and hugs. Where did I spend my day (or night)? Gold's. That's right, I spent 2 hours toiling away at the gym--cardio and lifting. Let me tell you something, you can really tell who it single dedicated by going to the gym on Valentine's day and seeing who all of the regulars is actually there. Surprisingly, a decent number. And even more surprising was the regulars that weren't there (trust me, it's more of a shock than I'm making it sound).

Okay, getting a little off track here, but I promise there is a method to my madness. Obviously, the point of this February holiday is to go broke buying pricey meals and unnecessary items express love, normally for someone else. But let's be honest, why not love yourself first and foremost? It's definitely easier to love yourself, better yet to even put up with yourself. So alas, I found myself in my workout shorts and Under Armour tee at 8pm.

Now yesterday was an interesting day because, due to time commitments, I hadn't done cardio all weekend and hadn't lifted since Thursday. And of course, it was a dreaded leg day. I say dreaded, but I don't necessarily know if I mean it. On the one hand, I love squats, as odd as that sounds. It's empowering to know that I'm able to control all that weight and it leaves me with that feel-good burn. On the other hand, I am not a fan of what I refer to as the "box leg lifts" (who knows what they are actually called though). I should explain--during this exercise, there stands before me a box a little less than waist high. I'm supposed to, with a dumbbell in each hand, place one foot on the box and, without momentum, push myself up using just my leg, so I'm balancing ON ONE FOOT on the box. Once up, I am then supposed to extend the other leg out behind me. Let me remind you, I am not too good with the whole balance thing. Sounds like torture right?

This guy's got it easy, the box I use
 is taller! Note to self: Google calls
these dumbbell box step-ups.
Fortunately, last night was not one of those "box" days. In actuality, I almost feel like I could have pushed myself harder, used more weight. But then again, there's that pesky debate of more reps with less weight, or less reps with more weight?? To each their own. On a brighter note, I do think that the 4 day break from lifting has helped me recuperate. Last week around this time, I was tired, frustrated, and disheartened, AND IT WAS ONLY TUESDAY!! This week, I'm feeling strong--shoulders are less tense/sore/painful (and today was a shoulder day, so I would know if I was still hurting), and I generally feel in a better mood about things. Unfortunately, I already have to take a midweek break tomorrow to head home to Virginia Beach for the night, but I'm planning on getting a guest pass at my mom's gym and at least doing cardio and abs.

I've realized I'm starting to get tired more easily, so very soon (aka next week I think) I will be getting to bed earlier than the 12:10 it is now. Until then, I have homework for myself in regards to the competition--checking out this site provided to me by Kaylie and learning all I need to do to prepare. All in the shortened time frame too. Wish me luck!

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