Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slacker Weekend

Do you ever have those weekends where you just DO NOT have time to get to the gym? That was me this weekend (with the exception of today). Class and work on Friday kept me from getting in a workout, and yesterday, a visit with my dad and more work kept me away from the gym. These "slacker weekends" are not planned, but sometimes are just unavoidable. On the one hand, I get very frustrated and feel guilty for missing lifting AND cardio. On the other hand, sometimes it does feel nice to have that little break, and I usually come back into things feeling well rested and stronger. But still, there's that lingering thought in the back of my head--I have 17 weeks before my competition. I am probably behind on nutrition, and I definitely do not need to fall behind in my workouts. Again, frustration.

This is what I do when not at the gym--hang out with Archie!
I do have to admit though, for as much as I was kicking myself the past 2 days for not being able to find time to get a workout in, I felt good when I got to the gym today. I only managed about 20 minutes of cardio (feeling a little lazy--unacceptable, I know), but today was a back day, so I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me. Lucky for me, Kevin switched up my workout a bit, so no dead lifts, which if you recall from last week, MURDERED my back. Replaced those with sumo squats, and let me tell you something, my form DEFINITELY improved (if you compare to my form during dead lifts). We got in a few other exercises too, but I didn't leave with my back feeling as battered as it normally does. Improvements--yay!

Melissa & Me: Halloween Weekend 2010
(My arms are looking a lot stronger now)
Now, given all I've just said about missing workouts for two days, here's the shocker. I got home after grocery shopping straight from the gym, and when I went to weigh in, I'd actually lost 2 pounds from the last time I weighed in (now about 15 more to go!!). Granted, that was last weekend, but let's just say I'd indulged in a few drinks this weekend, so I wasn't expecting a decrease. How awesome is that?! Granted, I have been eating pretty healthy, so it's not just some crazy anomaly. Feels pretty darn good! Lately, I've been trying to read up on the nutrition plan I need to follow and see how much cardio I should be doing compared to lifting. It's surprisingly hard to find good information on the subject, and in addition, bookstores don't sell figure competition training guide books (why did I even think they would??). I've found a few sites here and there,  but one of my main sources of info is other training blogs. Here's to hoping I find something (or at least find information on sodium-restricted nutrition, the protein isn't my problem)!

Now hopefully I can convince Melissa (my self-proclaimed "biggest fan" and one of my best friends) to take a study break this week and help me take some progress pictures! I don't have true before pictures, but better late than never!

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  1. Yay! I'll take pictures. Just name a day and time!