Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Bittersweet

So this week has been a bit crazy for me. Sure, I was at my mom's through Monday morning, drove back to Charlottesville on Monday, and have been working ever since, or so it seems. But I feel like I haven't had many free moments--and I don't really count the time between my morning gym session and work as free time, because half the time I'm prepping food, getting put together for work, and catching up on all things internet-related. And then there was yesterday, when I fell asleep at 10 am for an hour. Much needed! All craziness aside, this week has had it's moments.

The Good

Workouts have been spot-on this week! I haven't been lifting as heavy as I normally do, but I'm making each and every rep count. I'm trying to adjust to not working out with Kevin every day, which means I haven't had a spotter. Hence the lighter lifts. But, it's still heavy for what I can do on my own. And if I grab weights and they're too light, I just do more reps and count that set as a warmup. There ya go!

Needless to say, this week and last have been a transition period (before the actual transition). I've done a lot of workouts on my own, getting used to what my body can do without a set of hands to catch me if I mess up. I'm also really bad at making up workouts out of the blue (except for leg days--I got those covered), so I tend to have to write everything down, or find workouts online. Recently, I'm really enjoying Jamie Eason's workouts on Though I think I may have to move into her Phase 2 workouts soon... Having something written down doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to do those exact exercises, but it lets me know what muscle groups I have to train, and this is the point where I've asked Kevin for some substitutions.

It's not just workouts that have been good, but nutrition is getting there too! Yes, I may have slipped up a teeny bit and had some peanut butter in my oats in the morning, but those are healthy fats, right? Or so I tell myself... But I'm not taking any fatty acid supplements, so it might balance out? At any rate, the little peanut butter I had left is gone, and I turned my stash of peanuts into peanut butter via my Vitamix. Don't worry though, this new PB will promptly be given away (as a going away gift). I did attempt to make it a bit healthier but throwing a scoop and a half of protein powder in there! ;)

The only thing I've really been having problems with lately is water intake. I'm still not getting enough plain water. If I count all the liquid that I'm consuming--coffee, diet sodas (to keep me awake/active at work), protein shakes--then it comes close, but I don't know the last time I've actually seen the bottom of an empty water jug. Oops! Pleasants even told me I looked flat when I met with him on Monday! Harsh words!!

But today was leg day & I killed it! Box step-ups--you are officially my b*tch! Please note that I absolutely HATE step ups. I beg Kevin to not do them in order to avoid them. And normally I'm good and I actually get away with not having to do them and replacing them with lunges instead. But once again, since I'm going to be on my own now, I decided it was time to SUCK IT UP, stop being a baby, find the damn box and get to stepping. As uncoordinated and wobbly as I was (and trust me, it didn't help that the box was wobbly--but I needed it near a wall just in case!). Three sets later and I'm still alive! *High five*

On an unrelated, yet still good, note--I won a free pair of pants at Loft on Tuesday! I got to choose any pair I wanted--too bad there were only a few styles I'd actually wear in my size... But hey, they fit better than my old (too-large) jeans do! Pictures to come, obviously!

The Bad

I really REALLY need to go grocery shopping! Unfortunately, I have to wait til tomorrow (stupid bills due last week!). So this means I've been compromising my nutrition for things I actually do have. Let's see--I ran out of egg whites Tuesday morning, I finished the last of my chicken yesterday, and I only have one serving left of Swai for today. Oh, and I'm down to my last bag of broccoli. 

Note to self & to others: eating chicken at 8am in place of egg whites may make you want to vom. I think this was actually the reason for my sporadic 10am nap yesterday morning. Or the combination of chicken and coffee. This morning, I subbed swai for egg whites. Yes, pathetic. And let me tell you something--egg whites are much more filling, in my opinion! Maybe that's why I feel like I just ate a vegetable baby--too many veggies to replace the lesser volume of food. Grr!

Oh, and shakes made with water < shakes made with unsweetened almond milk. So watery & bland. I went as far as to throw half a cuke in my shake earlier, and while it wasn't bad, it didn't do anything for the texture. But believe me, when I get a free chance tomorrow, I am heading straight for Sam's Club--stocking up on chicken breasts, egg whites, and veggies, among other things. Oh and better be ready for me--I have a shopping cart all set, I just need to click "Order." Where do clothes fit into this paycheck??

The Bittersweet

Yesterday morning marked my last workout with Kevin. And today is his last day in Charlottesville--he leaves tonight. I'm not really an emotional person (aside from all the employment/$$ issues I had this summer), but I would be lying if I said today is not a sad day. I started working out with Kevin last year--sometime in June. He's been the most accommodating (and only) trainer I've had--he's worked around my school schedule, he worked around my internship (and job and class schedule--simultaneously), and most recently he's worked around my crazy, ever-changing Loft schedule. He's gladly taken peanut butter cookies off my hands when I'm in the mood to bake but am not able to eat my creations. He became a regular at Sunday dinner sponsored by Megan. He helped me out during my move from the house to the apartment--and that was not fun in the hot late-May weather! And he's helped get me in the best shape of my life. He doesn't let me make excuses and encouraged me to do a competition before I even seriously considered one.

But alas, I'm losing a great trainer and friend. And although I do have others to workout with--hello, Toni, Megan & my brother, Alex!--it's going to take a lot of getting used to. The gym is going to feel like a completely different environment, and I don't know if I'm ready for that. But regardless, I have a goal and I WILL be ready by November 19th! And Kevin, I fully expect you to be in the audience--or else!!

Tonight is Kevin's send-off dinner, and tomorrow will be a lonelier day in the gym.

Have you had to part with a great trainer? How did you handle it--did you go the rest of the way on your own or find a replacement??


  1. Congrats on the great workouts & on killing the box step-ups!
    I totally feel your pain on all your $$ going toward supplements & food, but at least you look amazing! Ha! Gotta love that!
    Good luck training w/o Kevin...just train in his honor, & make each workout count! You can totally do this!!

  2. Sounds like things are going well, with the exception of losing Kevin. :( You'll do fine on your own and you may even come to enjoy working by yourself.

    All my money goes to bills, supplements and food (or so it seems). I never seem to be able to part with it for clothes anymore.

    I've only really had one workout partner and that was my husband. I've had to go it alone for so long that I got used to that I have him back I'm trying to get used to working out with someone again.

    Hoping all your transitions go smoothly!

  3. Everything sounds good to me! Keep up the great work. OH, and I work out every single day, alone. And I have to say, I love it. I push myself hard. =)

  4. I have had to cut ties with certain trainers multiple times and for different reasons. Always find another! Maybe not to workout all the time, but at least to keep you on track. We all have so much to learn from each other! :)