Saturday, September 3, 2011

One Hundred

That's the amount of carbs I get tomorrow. For the whole week. 100g carbs. You better believe I'm going to make something amazing with oatmeal tomorrow! I need to go grocery shopping, so that's currently the only form of carbs I have that I'm actually allowed.

I met with Pleasants today--managed to lose 4lbs this week! Just about 5 more to go before I'm back to where I was prior to rescheduling this whole competition thing. He wants me to get there within the next 2 weeks, before I start my full-time job(!!). Is it crazy that I actually think I can do that? My self-doubt is currently at an all-time low, yay! And being on my feet for hours on end at Loft is helping of course. Did I mention I also lost 2% body fat while maintaining BMI. Hello, muscle! So utterly excited this go-round!

Speaking of Loft, it was a blessing in (not so much a) disguise that I got the new job. I realized today that I would not be happy as a sales lead at Loft for very long. Yesterday, my first long shift, my feet were killing me when I got home. Today was the same. It also didn't help that my entire upper body was sore, but that's another story.

I have worked at loft as an associate for so long that most of my coworkers are friends. That being said, I feel like it makes it easy for some of them to take advantage of me as their boss--i.e., low productivity. I pride myself on being productive and proving success through great results. And I can just see where some people may not want to work as hard under my supervision. That, and after a while of dealing with crazy clients (not all, just some), I get cranky. The kind of cranky that only going home and sleeping can cure. Some woman today asked if we had a "Junior's" section for her grand-daughter. Then made a fuss over us not carrying lined pants.

In case you were wondering, I do not advise doubling up on workouts when you miss a day of lifting. Wednesday was obviously a busy day for me, and everyone wanted to celebrate the good news with me upon hearing about my job offer. Factor in a coffee date with my amazing friend Stacy and dinner with my brother, Alex, and sister-in-law, Kathy, and something had to be removed from my schedule. That thing that was removed was round 2 at the gym--I was supposed to work chest. Didn't happen. Instead, I made the conscious choice to "delay" my chest workout to the next evening. At this point, I was already locked into working out lats & bis with Kevin & Bob in the morning. Come Friday, I didn't want to move a muscle, literally. I don't even want to touch my lats, that's how sore they are. Don't worry, I'm not complaining. I'm just shocked and will probably never double up 4 muscle groups again.

Can you believe it's September already?? First UVa football game of the season was today--of course I didn't go due to work. And I can smell Fall just around the corner-- oh wait, that's just my new air freshener. Last year after some Thanksgiving chaos, my mom & I decided we're going to do our own thing this year (aka she was going to do her own thing and I said I wouldn't let her be alone for the holiday). I initially wanted to do a cruise, and that's still a possibility, but we need a close port (there are no cruises leaving from Norfolk in November). If we don't do a cruise, she wants to do something where we don't have to drive far. Any suggestions? She lives in Virginia Beach, but it would be nice to do something different/have a real vacation for once! Something reasonably priced, preferably, since I'm paying for both of us-- it's an early Christmas/Bday (Dec 27th) gift for her.

P.S. Yes, it's September and I'm already talking about Thanksgiving...

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