Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wasted Wednesday

I realize this title could lead you to believe I let go of all things prep-related, went out & got drunk last night, but I promise that was not the case. Definitely not, whatsoever. Yesterday was actually my day off this week before I get the entire weekend off + Monday! So I did what any normal sleep-deprived, over-worked girl would do--practically nothing.

  • I slept in til 6:30, but for me that's an extra hour and a half of sleep.
  • I made it to the gym for some cardio and then some
  • Came home and showered/ate--am I the only person that finds it a burden to shower first when I get home from the gym because my mind is preoccupied with images of my delicious carb-less breakfast?? No? Good!
  • Caught up on Jersey Shore--aka I've only watched 1 episode this season, so I watched 4...that's right, you read correctly--FOUR! There may have been several moments while I was simultaneously eating huge pickles. Boy, did I ever feel like Snooki--minus the hair poof and the huge boobs.
  • Attended the Tropical Meteorology discussion my grad school friend, Stacy runs. Pretty much it was me, her, 2 other PhD students, and 4 professors (one of which was an old professor of mine). But yay for friend time!
  • Came home and cooked--read: threw chicken in a crockpot and avocados in the vitamix (guac anyone??). Laziest cooking ever :)
  • Turned on a movie--Easy A to be exact. And for the second time in a week, I proceeded to fall asleep in the first 5 minutes...and wake up during the last 5 minutes. But hey, for an anti-napper, I sure got a good one in yesterday!
  • I went to Stacy's for dinner--she cooked. I didn't. Oops. Bad friends don't help out in the kitchen. They just eat delicious food.
Now is a perfect time to mention that I have some really great, quality friends. There's only been a handful of times during my first fail attempt at prep, and now my second attempt, that my friends have asked what it's okay for me to eat and gone out of their way to make sure I'm not left out/deprived. Stacy and I made dinner plans last week for yesterday because her husband is out of town. The first question she immediately asked me was, "What can I make that you can eat? I know you're cutting carbs, so just let me know what I can do to accommodate you." Seriously, how SWEET is she?!?! And yes, we had a lovely meal--grilled chicken with mesquite seasoning, fresh salad with grilled veggies and strawberries, and she made a side of couscous for herself and our friend Anna.

I'm so grateful for friends like her. That's not to say that if you don't automatically go out of your way to accommodate me that I immediately think you're a jerk. But it's just so nice to know that not everyone tries to push alcohol and excess calories on me. That my friends, although they may find the whole competition/prep thing confusing and not understand why I'm doing it, do understand that there are things I cannot do (including the drinking, eating many foods, and staying up late). And that despite me breaking many a plan so I can live like an elderly person get to sleep by 10, we still call each other friends. It's a wonderful feeling!

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