Monday, June 25, 2012

A Familiar Face!

This week has had it's fair share of ups and downs, starting with crazy torrential rain on my day off on Friday. While being at work all the time leaves me feeling like I don't have time to get anything done, when I'm not at work, I just feel bored and alone. I don't have a set enough schedule yet where I can create a routine for myself unless you count walking the dogs twice a day. I only work with about 10 other girls, and I live on the opposite side of town from everyone else, so meeting up with them would be a chore. Not to mention, there seems to be a decent amount of drama and cattiness between a few of them, so I'm not entirely sure I want to play into that. Don't get me wrong--I don't have a problem with the girls I work with, but in this instance I think it would be wise not to mix work and play.

Not that there's ever a convenient time to move, but I think I chose the most inconvenient time to relocate. Summer has already begun, meaning I'm missing out on seasonal Charlottesville fun with people that I love. Social sports leagues are already under way, so I can't join until Fall. I have a year down here in Virginia Beach before I can hopefully start grad school, so I better change my attitude soon and make some connections! And besides, my intention is not to whine and complain today.

Instead, I want to mention how GREAT it was to see a familiar face this past weekend in the form of my partner-in-crime! He was down in the area (a bridge-length away) on James Bond training for work. In other words, upstaging me by playing with guns, rappelling down walls, and showing off for the ladies owning some marines--or so I was told. He makes my daily runs in the 80-90 degree heat (pre-9am) seem weak! Obviously, this is unacceptable...

But regardless, two three bottles of wine later and I forgot I was even in Virginia Beach! I also forgot that there was a third bottle, but that's beside the point. I definitely needed a night of fun in the form of getting drunk in front of other people's families. I don't even get drunk in front of my OWN family! Oh, indiscretion! I have no shame!

Clearly, I was in no state to remember to take pictures if I couldn't even form sentences, but I was sent the following picture by a great friend of mine!
I'm an auntie (again)!! This little rascal is going to be so loved and spoiled!

All-in-all, it was a great weekend though! Unfortunately, work got in the way of getting to take a complimentary Crossfit or TRX or boxing or Jiu Jitsu or MMA or Muay Thai class together at my soon-to-be new gym, but that just means I have more time to practice kicking (his) ass! Speaking of the gym though, I stopped in today to take a tour after work. Had it not been for the rain (and an inconsiderate coworker who went on break late thus forcing me to stay late), I would have taken my class today and immediately handed over my credit card signed on the dotted line. But alas, that will have to wait for tomorrow. And trust me, I'm peeing myself jumping up and down in excitement!

I'll leave you with my weekly fail, which was last Thursday I believe:
Mixing chocolate protein powder with a "juice" made of carrots, spinach, and apple is FAR from appealing. In fact, it's wait-for-dinner-until-you-get-home-from-work-at-10pm REPULSIVE. Ick! 

What am I doing wrong? Fruit-flavored protein powder instead? Vanilla?
Help a girl out, please!


  1. All I can say about that last picture is..."EWWWW!!!!" :)


    1. Isn't it disgusting looking?! I don't know what I was thinking!