Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh happy day!

Happy 20th birthday to my baby sister, Eleanor! I know, 20 is not so much a baby anymore, but since I'll always be older, I'll always refer to her as that or Ellie or Gorgeous or grinch. I kid about that last one. She's a sweetheart! But when we fight, it can get ugly...or as ugly as pretty girls can get!

I have to say, even when her and I do have spats, even when she does tell my mother things that I prefer for her not to know, even when she doesn't respond to my texts, my life would be much less amusing without her! She's a little crazy and a whole lot of fun!

Unfortunately, her jackass of an ex-boyfriend broke up with her recently--2 days ago to be exact--so I made a rescue drive over to Norfolk (one city away) to cheer her up on Sunday. Or just get her mind off things. Breakups are so rough, but she's going to be so much better off without him. She already is! I don't know what I would do without a sister--I know she would be there for me just like I was for her.

But yes, back to today... A few years ago, I inadvertently started a birthday tradition. One called dinner at PF Chang's. Yes, it's a chain restaurant, but oh goodness, the food is amazing! Side note: I meant to do a photo recap of the years we've been there, but back in December when my hard drive was wiped clean... Yeah, I don't have those pictures anymore.

The only ones I do have:
El's 18th Birthday and high school graduation
(2 months after) My 21st birthday
El's 19th birthday
I love the candidness and the laughter in that picture. And how jacked my arm looks!

Then today happened. Sissy turned 20. One more year til she can drink! Legally...
It was a girls' event--with Sam (left) & Amanda (right)

Amanda actually happens to be my running buddy--both when I lived in Cville and now down here in VB. Although she graduated with my sister, she attends UVa and works at Loft.

Family resemblance?
It was a great night full of food and laughter! I made sure that I went on a long enough run earlier in the day in anticipation of calorie-laden food. Lucky for me though, I found a dish that was exactly what I was looking for--high in protein, low in carbs/fat, and contained seafood and veggies! Sweet! And given that I shared a good bit of it, I was way under my calorie budget. Wow, how terrible do I sound right now?!

I believe the evening ended a little like this:
Girl's gonna hate me, but she brought it on herself. Also, I exude hotness apparently!

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