Tuesday, May 28, 2013

iPhoto Just Pooed on This Post

My, how time has flown by! Call me forgetful, but I couldn't remember the last time I posted until I looked back and saw it was two weeks ago. I guess that's what happens when you're distracted/out of town on weekends/sober fun focused. Or maybe I just needed those two weeks to fly by--5 weeks out sounds much better than 7 weeks out, and since it's on the brink of June, the competition actually seems attainable. To be honest, even with all the milestones of preparing thus far, I'd questioned whether I was in it to win it.

Remind me to stop questioning myself.

I think the two half marathons finally got to me, too. I had attempted to go for a short run the day after the trail run, and it was miserable. It didn't happen, but oh, did it happen. My legs rebelled and my mind finally caved and gave up on breaking in the new kicks. It may be just my luck, but it seems that every time I get new shoes, the universe is uncooperative. Call me crazy, but my first run in my shoes is not going to be in the rain. No, sir! A week (and a trip to Virginia Beach) later, and I finally put the first few miles on my True Blues. I just decided to name my shoes, apparently...

And a 6:38 mile thrown in there
Verdict? LOVE. So light. So fun. And I love the off-center laces. It just makes sense. Unfortunately for me, I may have to resign them to the sidelines for the time-being. I'm a play through the pain kind of gal, but after 3 weeks of pain along the top of my foot, I'm a bit concerned. An ortho appointment on Friday should hopefully give me an answer; and although I'm not expecting good news, I have my training bikini on standby for lap-swim workouts. Does that sound boringly exhausting to anyone else?

Don't get me wrong--I used to be a swimmer in high school. Three of four years, and the only reason I didn't swim senior year is because I fell head over heels...for running. I like things that I'm good at. I was good at running. Swimming? I was alright. Shockingly, I didn't have the lower body strength to be a better swimmer. I could do strokes up and down the pool all day, but give me a kick board and I was slower and more awkward that a wind-up waddling duck toy. Or at least that's how I picture myself looking. Regardless, if I'm resigned to no running, etc., it should be an interesting 5 weeks of prep. Oy.

Excuse my nakedness--2 weeks of progress (hopefully)
And because I'm getting too lazy to finish this (and because my camera roll is really how I keep straight how I've spent all my time), I will let photo collages do the talking:
So easy to dress myself for the gym, so hard to dress myself for date night.
Need a fitness apparel model? I'm your gal!
No words.
Alrighty, my vanity and I are leaving the building. Night, folks!

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