Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Welcome to the Love Shackkkk!

Remember when I used to do "What I Love" posts? Remember when they used to be on Wednesdays? Well guess what, folks! It's What I Love Wednesday! 

So without further ado, let's introduce the list:

What I Love Wednesday: The Five Week Out Version

1. Being 5 Weeks Out! What does this mean for me exactly? It means I am one month away. One month as of today actually. I will be strutting across stage at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach one month from today. I will be strutting across stage ONE MONTH FROM TODAY?! This realization makes me smile. And it also makes my stomach flip, but mostly smile. I can't friggin' wait!
Can't wait to devour these either!
2. The Compliments-- Oh, the compliments! I'm not a fisher. Never have been, never will be. I'm not vain. I don't know how to be. That being said, I'm highly aware that all the attention I've brought to myself by posting updates and statuses and progress pics and general information about my competition on all forms of social media (aka Facebook, Blogger, and Instagram) speaks volumes in the other direction. But honestly, I need the accountability. I need the feedback from those strong ladies (and men) I know through this online community that have competed. I've always said that I am not a very objective self-critic. There are multiple reasons behind that, but it is really the underlying reason that I do post SO. MANY. DARN. SELFIES.

The point of this? I've received so much great feedback from friends near and far, close friends and acquaintances. Some come as comments on my updates. Some come as texts. Others come from phone calls or, better yet, in person. It truly warms my heart. This competition has never been about seeking approval. It's never been about one-upping others. It was briefly about having a bangin' bikini bod. It's always been about proving to myself that I have the dedication, the motivation, and the determination to see this out to it's glorious finish. It's been about the fitness, the LOVE for fitness. It's been about the goal and the internal competition. And I have to admit, it feels good that all my hard work has not gone unnoticed.

I shared with you all a few weeks ago a text from a friend with whom I'd lost touch (my bad!) in response to an Instagram pic:

But that wasn't even the beginning of it. Leave it to the lovely Celia to prompt conversation in response to the terrible Sports Illustrated spread of Kate Upton. I'm sorry (that I'm not really sorry) that we both agree that no, it was not magazine editors, but rather she just does not look good this year. I'll take the compliment:

Oh yeah, I'm insecure about my lack of boobage, so that's how I tried justifying that people think Kate Upton looks like a bombshell on her cover.

And most recently, tonight I received a super sweet text from April, a dear friend that has done pageants in the past.

Coupled with comments from gym friends about how "This is the tiniest I've ever seen you," and I'm really loving all the support I've received. It's been practically non-stop and it's really one of the greatest motivators I have at a time where I'm so vulnerable to my surroundings. Seriously, people--I can SMELL sugar these days. It's baddddd.

3. Workout Clothing-- I've updated my arsenal lately. Major updates. It all now takes up 3 drawers in my dresser. Not including socks. Those have their own section. I'd share pictures, but it's really all you've seen me in lately. Well...

4. Being a Source of Advice-- As I mentioned, all my hard work has not gone unnoticed, and some of the most sincere forms of flattery have come from friends asking for workout and diet advice. Now, I am not a trainer...yet ;-) Haha! So I make sure that if I do give advice that my friends understand that what works for me is because I know my body and it may not work for everyone. How I train is my own personal style coupled with my coach's suggestions/blueprint workout schedule. I am not the best at everything, I cannot throw up hundreds of pounds, and my form could probably use a little tweaking on occasion. But if a friend has a question, I will surely answer to the best of my abilities and help them come up with a solution that meets their needs and their fitness level.

Same goes for nutrition, but in my opinion, more strictly so. The prep diet I am on is just that--a prep diet. It's not meant to be sustained over a long period of time; it is constantly adapting to my changing body/weight; and it is not a lifestyle. I think that is the biggest part that is overlooked by many. People see progress and they want it too. I'm not a nutritionist. I don't condone using the meal plan I'm on for anything other than what I'm doing. I don't condone using my exact meal plan for anyone but me because it was created based on my starting weight and my protein intake is calculated from that. I LOVE being asked questions. I love that my friends feel comfortable enough to ask me these questions. But I do not want to mislead anyone or give any bad information. I don't want to lead someone into an unhealthy lifestyle. And I think any other competitor without credentials would agree.

So this Love List has taken a little longer to put together than I intended. Picture editing (even just screenshots, simple as they look to censor) takes forever. Especially on my 2009 MacBook. I may just have to extend the Love List to another day this week, or another post entirely. But if there's a takeaway, it's that I love what I've been doing and I especially love all your support!


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