Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's only fair, right?

Today was a long day, to say the least. Lately I've been waking up a bit earlier so I can get on campus grounds earlier and just relax with a cup of coffee before classes start. Sometimes I meet up with my good friend Stacy and catch up on our daily happenings. She's getting back into fitness/running after having a stress fracture(?) a few months back, and as for me...well you know what I'm up to. And I have to say, props to Stacy who has been ROCKING her diet & exercise! You're lookin' good girl!

Anyways, back to the long day... Well, it was just one of those days--gloomy, rainy, cold. And if that didn't put me in a funk, I had back to back class then work from 11am to about 8pm. Nine hours of exhaustion. I was VERY tempted to skip a class to nap, but I couldn't bring myself to do it--there's only 5 students in the class and one girl already wasn't there, so I would have felt bad for my older professor. Luckily, at work I was doing stock and got to see all the pretty new arrivals at LOFT! I have to restrain myself from buying the entire store breaking my bank on anything other than competition essentials.

As I was standing there unpacking boxes upon boxes of clothing, I didn't know how I was going to get through a workout of any sorts. I'd have to run, and it would be leg day...not to mention my back & shoulders are tense from the past 2 days of workouts. So it came as a pleasant relief when Kevin told me he was taking the night off from training. That means that it's okay for me to do the same, right? My answer: right. In the state I was in, if I did do any working out, I would have probably hurt myself from stupidity/exhaustion.

It's good though. Tonight's break I mean. Like I said, my body is a bit rough from the past 2 nights. Also, I've been wearing my cross-trainers to run in. No good. I'm flatfooted so I need that extra bit of support. I noticed last night while stretching that my shins felt a little sore, and today, just running to the store in the rain, I felt the same twinge. I need to just stick with the Vibrams for running. Which is what I'm going to do from now on. I do normally keep 2 pairs of EVERYTHING in my gym bag--2 pairs of shorts/leggings, 2 tanks/tees, 2 sports bras, and my Vibrams & cross-trainers. It's partially in case I ever forget anything and partially because I never really know what I want to wear to the gym. Just because I'm working out doesn't mean that I don't have to/want to look good doing it! And besides, having an extra pair of tights saved me from a wardrobe malfunction the other night. Phew! On the one hand, it will be odd to change shoes part way through my workout, but who cares if it saves me from potential damage.

So I think since I took the night off, I'm going to catch up on the few blogs I have left to read, read a few pages (of Cosmo), and hit the hay. I'm contemplating either: a. sleeping in tomorrow (only class is at 2), or b. getting up early and going to Gold's for some extra cardio. I'm starting to think cardio because I just remembered I have measurements tomorrow. I guess I could always set my alarm and see what happens...

P.S. Sorry no pics tonight, too lazy!

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