Monday, March 28, 2011

Taking the high road

Waking up this morning, two thoughts ran through my head: 1. if I don't find a new apartment/house soon, I'm gonna be homeless at the end of May, and 2. what's today gonna be like? Let me elaborate on both. Recently, I've been looking for places to live when my lease is up and I'm done with undergrad at the end of May. I had just found a space that looked perfect--a cozy old house in my price range, accepts pets, and is pretty much 2 blocks away from my current house. I went to its "open house" yesterday, as the current tenant figured that would be easier. I let her know I was very interested, but last night I got an email saying she found 2 others willing to sign the lease for the 2 open rooms, but if it falls through she will let me know. Gee, thanks for choosing me as your backup plan. Sorry, but I'll take my pride and keep looking; I'm no one's second choice. Hence my next question about what today was going to be like.

I'm a weather weenie, what more do you expect?
Now, I'd actually had a pretty productive weekend--I managed to find a posing coach back home in Virginia Beach!--so it was looking like today could go either way. Granted, one last hurrah of winter was making its way through, so temperatures were supposed to be cold and it was supposed to rain. I had my doubts about this--both the rain and the temperature. Before I go any further, let me just say, if I've learned one thing interning with TV meteorologists, it's this--I can be right about a prediction IF I choose not to verbalize it. The second I do, the exact opposite happens. So as I was getting ready for class this morning, I noticed a tidbit of sun peeking through the otherwise gloomy sky and thought to myself: a. it's going to be warmer than the predicted high of 48 degrees, and b. I highly doubt it's going to rain. And guess what--it was around 55 today and DIDN'T rain. Go me!

It's kind of ironic though, because this morning, I got to ground (aka campus) early to start finish a homework assignment, and when it was complete, I started to write this post. But I stopped myself. At that point, I was still debating the "today" question, and I decided that, although I had reasons to be a selfish pessimist today, I was going to take the high road and be optimistic that today was going to be a good day. Good thing I didn't verbalize that, because it turns out it was a good day! I'd even go as far as to say it was great! (Okay, I know that it's a little superstitious what I confessed earlier, but it hasn't been proven wrong yet). 

So. Hungry. Hippos??
So here I was on the high road--the good thing about the high road is that you're far above the low road, so even if you do want to look down at it, you can't really see anything. Thus, nothing holds you back. I got on the scale this morning, expecting a glimpse of that low road, and it was nowhere to be seen--I finally dropped those last 2 pesky pounds of my spring break vacay weight! And then some! I was a bit afraid that I hadn't because yesterday I could not stop my hunger! I swear by the afternoon/evening I was eating something at each hour mark (it wasn't a lot at a time, but it was something). Now, I know looking at just weight is a no-no because it does not tell you what the composition of that weight is, but hey, the numbers are going down so I'm a happy camper. 

Skip forward a few workout, la, la....manicure that didn't chip within an, la, la....eating some of The Fit Green Goddess's chocolate protein brownies (adapted a bit), la, la...gym! (Sorry for all the la, la, las...just passing the time). Now despite the fact that the type of treadmill I normally use was occupied and the other was broken and had to use another kind, I had a great workout! The treadmill I substituted only goes up to level 8 (or a 7:30 pace), and I was hoping to knock out my last mile at a 7:00 pace. Not to mention, I thought I could change the max speed by pressing "mode" like the machine clearly stated, but instead, this completely created a new workout as I had 1/4 mile left. Are you kidding me, treadmill!? Oh well, I just restarted the machine (which was a whole other task in itself since it wouldn't go back to the main menu for quick start), and knocked out that last 1/4 mile at the 7:30 pace. 

I have to say, I take back all I said about not seeing the results I wanted. I guess I spoke too soon. Today, after my run, I hopped on a stretching machine and could tell my legs were leaner. Not to mention, I had to change from my spandex running shorts (which I hardly wear) to my tights because of a wardrobe malfunction since the shorts were too big. Eek! No one wants to see a spandex wedgie! Even my tights were loose, but at least they weren't going to ride up. I wish I had snapped a pic before I started working out (or even after)--I was rocking my new Nike racerback tank that read "Fierce" across the chest. And seriously, if you ever need workout motivation, just wear a shirt with a motto across it and OWN the words. I have no doubt that I did and I'm feeling great!

Just like this, OBVIOUSLY!
Did I forget to mention today was a back day and I finally fixed my form on deadlifts?! Normally I wouldn't be able to go any greater than 10lb plates before my back collapses in and my form dies. Tonight, not the case. AND we superset them with dumbbell rows! Hell to the yeah (excuse my language)! So needless to say, I left the gym feeling better than ever. My lifting cycle is slightly awry, as I worked bis and tris with Martell and Megan before Kevin left for the weekend. Normally it goes: shoulders, chest, back, bis & tris, legs. So taking into account the pre-worked bis and tris, tomorrow should be a leg day. However, Kevin doesn't endorse this idea since both back and legs kinda beat me up a bit. So that leaves shoulders for tomorrow. I'm sure I'll get back in my cycle just fine, and I'm definitely not complaining that I don't have to do legs tomorrow (especially since it's a HIIT day too)! Now if I can just start seeing those abs shape up nicely...

I'm glad I took the high road today!

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