Thursday, April 25, 2013

(Late) Mid-week Motivation

I have to admit, my meeting with Kevin regarding my competition prep was just the kick in the rear that I needed to bring my motivation back to where it needs to be. Workouts have been spot-on this week, and I've been trying to switch up cardio on a daily basis so I don't get bored or tired or just mentally drained from whatever it is. That being said, I've once again embraced the rowers. Can I tell you that the last time I sat my butt on one of those things, it was during my Hybrid Crossfit days? Yeah, that was back in August. My back is killing me thanking me. Someone should probably correct my form... I mean, I'm sure it's not terrible, but I'm SURE it's not perfect either. And just like all exercise, quality over quantity.

Just past midway through the week means I've had two designated strength training days, and I've been incorporating legs on a daily basis as well. Unfortunately for me, the place you tend to hold the most fat is the last place it comes off of. Which means goodbye boobs (or whatever was there in the first place), and I guess my ass is going to be sticking around for a little while longer. Darn. If only it were easier then everyone would do it.

I feel the need to "Ask the Audience" a couple questions that I hope you know the answer to.

Question #1
The first is regarding heart rate monitors and calories burned...
Can we talk about this for a second please? This was after about 1000m minutes of rowing (I'd already done my fasting cardio for the day and just wanted to get my heart rate up) and a strength session of chest/shoulders/tris with very short pauses between sets. Now I recently found out that I have a super low resting heart rate. Like under 50. So maybe that has something to do with it. But I just find it absurd that people post Instagram pics ALL. THE. TIME. with totals upwards of 700 cal for an hour workout. And trust me, my totals are about the same for a half hour of any kind of cardio, regardless of what it is and how much energy I think I'm expending. It's never more than 250 for half an hour. What gives?? Seriously though, if someone can explain to me the science behind this, I'd be super grateful.

Question #2
I received my 6th(?) StitchFix in the mail today. And since I hate for the $20 styling fee to go to waste, I always feel compelled to keep one item. So, thoughts?
This top is COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. Almost too retro/urban for me. Yet when I put it on, I kind of really liked it. It's a super long shirt, and the bottom printed part is pretty sheer. Too short to be a dress though, but I think it could work with some fun shorts as well, especially during hot summer weekends. Is it a keeper? Please weigh in.

This dress was also in my fix, but I just bought a dress (from Loft, ha) that has this deep-V in the front and the back that's the exact same color. I'm tempted to keep both because they're cut so differently and I'm a sucker for the "color of the season."
Don't mind my faces. I was trying the "cool" model look. I have a ways to go before I perfect that.

Question #3
If anyone finds a queen sheet set of the following color in Charlottesville--or online--I must know!

Okay, so that's not so much of a question, but I'm loving this pale bird's egg blue color. I need it in my bedroom ASAP. My current sheet set is not an appropriate color for the Spring/Summer months and I'm craving change. But I don't want to buy throw pillows if I can't find sheets I like prior. Oh, dilemma.

Question #4
Callused hands--sexy or gross? Mine aren't really getting that bad with just lifting, but they were awful back during the Crossfit days. I distinctly remember going into job interviews for my current position and thinking, "Shake hands and then PUT THOSE SUCKERS AWAY!" Those were some of the worst tears I've ever had, and I can't say that I want that back ever. So bad that it prevented me from doing consecutive workouts that included kipping pull-ups and anything that would aggravate them more. Yikes!

Have a wonderful Thursday! Two more workdays til the weekend starts (or 16 work hours)!

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