Monday, April 29, 2013

Who Signed Me Up for This?

Weekend Recap

The caption says it all. Sometimes you really do have to just stop and breathe in the moment. Saturday could have gone one of two ways for me--I was thrown off schedule early on in the morning. Like really early. Like wake up at 3am in my apartment knowing something was off and realizing that I'm supposed to be dog sitting Maggie (aka Maggles/Mags/Maggie-Doo/Princess Mags). Do you know what happens when you wake up in the middle of the night, relocate yourself, and fall back asleep where you're supposed to be staying for the next week? Well, if you're me, you wake up thinking you see ghosts. Doesn't help that Mags whines every night at the same time for no apparent reason so I started actually thinking what I saw was for real. But that was more amusing than anything else and can most likely be attributed to my dieting/training.

The morning had some of it's own saving graces, including receiving the actual Blake Shelton tickets I ordered the other week. Too bad I have to wait until the end of September when he actually comes in town to perform. Along with that, I stepped outside for an early morning dog walk and was greeted with the odd sounds of a low-floating hot air balloon. Such a gorgeous view!

I had every intention of getting in a workout before I had to drive a few friends to the Foxfield Races--more on that later. Unfortunately, my middle of the night realization meant that I was not prepared (aka no gym clothes) so there was a lot of back-and-forth involved and very little no gym time before driving to the races. 

Sidenote: For those of you not familiar with Foxfield Races, it's basically a drunk festival to celebrate debauchery local horse race event to which many UVa undergrads and alumni go and celebrate the end of classes. Don't mistake my sarcasm for disapproval--I've gone to my share of Foxfield Races, but it was not in the cards for me this year.

Who could have known that throwing off my workout schedule would get my panties in a bunch?! It wouldn't have been that bad, but then it just seemed like every time I tried to get in a workout, something thwarted my plans. My next idea was to go running at my favorite running trail, Riverview Park--a relatively flat 2 mile out/ 2 mile back path that runs along the Rivanna River. Scratch that when I got an urgent text that required me to turn around literally just as I pulled into the parking lot. One unplanned errand later and I finally got in my run, hit legs HARD, and took puppy for her second walk of the day--we don't call her Princess for nothing!

Top it off with a pedicure and I successfully turned my day around. Add in a rainy/muddy flag football win on Sunday, and weekend = complete!

Upcoming Events

In case I haven't mentioned it/spammed Facebook asking for donations enough, this Sunday (Cinco de Mayo!), I will be running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. While I'm beyond excited to be running on behalf of my all-time favorite charity, I finally had that freak out moment asking myself, "Whose idea was this? Who signed me up for this anyway?! What was I thinking choosing a half-marathon date SMACK in the middle of competition prep??"

Oh wait, did I mentioned I signed up for another half marathon? And it's next weekend--the Bedrock Trail Half Marathon. Same one I placed 2nd Overall Female in last year. And I've been killing it in the gym lately so my legs are already toast. Target training = success!

But back to my irrational half marathons. I realized I need help. Not help training, but help making sure I stay on track focusing on my main goal: the stage. And with that I turned to my trainer. It's no big secret that runners carb-load before big races, but that doesn't exactly mesh with my current nutrition plan. Not to mention, in my entire career as a runner, with all the races (including halfs) that I've ran, I've never done the traditional carb-loading. Just not my thing. I don't claim for this to be the "right" thing to do if you're an avid runner, but I just know what does and doesn't work for me. Not to mention, I highly dislike pasta. Something to do with the texture--not a fan.

After a brief meeting with my trainer, we compromised on eating a good meal Friday night (meaning more complex/complete), eating normally on Saturday (i.e., NOT prep-friendly...but not overboard), and REHYDRATING on Sunday post-race. Repeat next weekend. Luckily it's early enough and should do wonders for getting my rear in gear (That just sounds so much better than "getting my booty high and tight!"). Let's consider it an experiment. But so is this whole prep...for me at least.

It was also suggested to take a bikini with me so my friend, Megan, can take progress pics post-race. So stay tuned! 9 weeks out as of this past Saturday, so this pretty much sums up my life:
I get a category of my own. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. All I know is that I'm building/maintaining lean muscle mass and simultaneously leaning out, so I'm one happy camper blogger.

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