Monday, April 8, 2013

Too Much, Too Soon

Post-accident post attempt #2. It's been about 5 days now, so I'm at a much better place about the following:

No words left for this.
Yes, I waited almost 5 months to receive my beautiful company car, and it only took less than 2 months for some woman to ruin it. Long story short (because honestly, at this point I'm really tired of explaining what happened), I was sitting at a stoplight and a woman ran into me going about 40 mph. Not fun. I'm very lucky that only the back was damaged--it could have been much worse, say, if there was another car in front of me or if other cars were actually traversing the intersection I was pushed across. Now I play the waiting game of figuring out what my company is going to do about the car. Several opinions (mostly my brother) have voiced that the car is totaled because the frame is bent. Other opinions have said that nowadays they can make any car seem new. Except it definitely isn't anymore.

Let's take a look at what that is supposed to look like (aka the day I got the car, less than 2 months ago):

Day 1
And just as a testament to the type of car owner I am, this is an example of what I do when I deem that someone has parked "too close for comfort," God forbid they actually tapped my car with their shoddy parallel parking job:
Please get your craptastic car away from mine PRONTO
Luckily for all parties involved, there were no serious injuries from this accident. However, I've been very wary of my training. I certainly took it easy for a few days, but I'm the definition of the saying "Can't keep a good girl down." I don't like to be on the sidelines, especially given that I was only half a week into my training. It seems like every time I commit to training for a competition, something goes awry. Not going to let it this time! Although I did sit out for the kickoff of Spring co-ed flag football, I've been busting my bum doing what I can. Perhaps pushing it a little too much, especially given the small "heat wave" we've been experiencing these past couple days in Cville, but I've also been very conscious of my efforts. So much so that I make my lovely running partner, Amanda, wear my Garmin to track distance while I wear my Polar so I make sure my heart rate is in check. Yes, I'm crazy overly ambitious. So sue me.

I actually just got a follow-up to my ER visit today--I was a little wary because my chest has been tight and it's a little bit of a struggle to get a deep breath. The nurse practitioner is fairly certain I probably just bruised something and maybe damaged a bit of cartilage, but she gave me the green light to stay active. Clearly, I'm ecstatic! Not to mention she also said that I'm doing everything right to try to stay active. Good to know. But that being said, I know my limits and I'm trying to relax just as much.

So maybe it wasn't the vacation I'd hoped for, but I did get to see four dogs in the course of a week, and have a decent Easter weekend.

Lilah, the little lady I was dog-sitting.
Me and my own--don't mind Murdoch,
he's a little camera-dumb
Easter oysters? Yes, please.
The good news is, as of tomorrow I am back to a set schedule, and I'm already noticing my training efforts paying off. I'll have this week's progress pics up later this week, but for now I can leave you with last week's. Still a work in progress, mind you!

Note: it makes me anxious to put these up here, but I suppose I need want the accountability. Oh and yes, that was my first experience with compression sleeves. Not bad.

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