Tuesday, July 3, 2012

24 Hours Early and 13.5 Hours Away

Apparently I didn't quite put two and two together this morning when I was dressing for work, and I inadvertently dressed for the 4th of July a day early. Oops. I thought I was just looking smoking hot as usual nautical and Lofty? Why do I even get let out of the house these days other than to do my business and chase squirrels? Unfortunately for you, I do not have a picture of said outfit just yet because I was away from the house (and apparently my iphone?) from 8am to 9:30pm. Long day, right?

Until this morning (7/4): recreation of yesterday's outfit!
Freshly showered!
Yeah, that didn't even include my run this morning, which was a SAD excuse for a run, but at least it was something. I only ran for 20 minutes. And not 20 balls to the wall minutes. Oh no--20 "I can barely move but I set my alarm for 6am so I can fit a run in so gosh darn it, I'm gonna flipping run" minutes! Here I am thinking that I'm young, I'm in shape, and I can workout an eon in a row without a rest day and I'll be fine and dandy. Someone please gently slap some sense into me! Not only was I awoken in the middle of the night by back soreness every time I rolled over, which happens a lot apparently, but I was riding the Struggle Bus trying to get down the stairs.

Now, if you've followed along for a while, you know that I have a weak lower back, so really nothing to be concerned about. And not being able to walk down the stairs like a normal human being isn't cause for concern either. I've been in worse shape. But generally when I get up and go, I'm able to at least get some sort of cardio done. Not today. Body wasn't having it. I only eeked out about 2.4 miles--a small neighborhood loop--and it was at a pace a whole minute and a half PER MILE slower than usual. This is one of those instances where I wish I had either run without Garmin or had tossed him down a stormdrain. Either works. Although, I would definitely regret the latter option.

You know what though? Not every workout can be my best ever. It can, however, be my best for that moment/for those circumstances. And while my duration and pace were nothing to go high-fiving (or ass-patting--whichever you prefer) about, it was my best given the circumstances. I'm still getting used to the constant functional movements of crossfit, especially all the leg-intensive stuff. The past two workouts (done on back-to-back days) were both heavy on the lower-body movements, so it's only natural that I'm tight and sore. You know what I found that works great on sore muscles though? Lint rollers! Who would have guessed?! By far the cheapest roller stick ever...which I discovered when I was trying to de-lint my pants at work today. I may have gotten sidetracked for a bit...

But yes, sore muscles at work, then I got together with Katie's mom to work on bridal shower invitations. Super fun! More on that later and more on the top-secret stealth fun we had, but that is a post for another day (after Katie's birthday, so I don't ruin any surprises)!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!

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