Sunday, July 1, 2012

Running Intensive

I feel like I've been running around all day--literally and metaphorically. I started today out with a short run--I was already planning on going to Crossfit but figured it wouldn't be too cardio heavy because of the heat. Keyword there being "figured," but I'll get to that in a minute. I'm normally a bit of a minimalistic runner. I wear my Garmin if I feel like it and I always have music, but these days it's a sports bra, shorts, socks and shoes. Minus the socks if I'm wearing Vibrams like today. In light of my recent sun exposure, I opted to incorporate a hat. Slightly problematic for a gal that wears her hair in a high ponytail on the reg when exercising...with the exception of jump rope workouts when my hair always seems to get in the way. Well boys and girls (mostly girls, I assume), I managed to wear my hair low and didn't die! And now the "Do your chain hang low..." song is running through my mind, dang it! I also didn't die from the heat--hallelujah! Need proof?
Oh hey there, Sweaty Liz! How ya doing today? ...Quite well until about 2 hours from this picture being taken, when I was in for quite the xfit surprise!

3.35 miles: done and done! More proof:
The little screaming monster? Yup, that'd be me.
I had just enough time to splash my face, change into some compression booty shorts, and head out the door to HTC. Upon walking in, I was confused as to which workout was being done. On the main whiteboard was an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible for those of you that are unfamiliar with xfit terminology) workout that involved 15 minutes of dumbbell deadlifts, burpees, thrusters. There was possibly some pull ups and other jazz thrown in there, but I really don't know because that was NOT the workout I'd be doing. Instead, on the time board, there was a long workout titled "Lumberjack 20." It took up the whole board. And it took a while to set up. 10 minutes of testing out weights later, and I was set up with 2 bars of different weights, a couple dumbbells, a kettle bell, and a box. I'll let you see for yourself the torture workout.
I guess that makes this my first Hero workout? I think?

I chose weights that were challenging enough for me, but ones that I thought would allow me to get through the running portion of the workout. If you actually open up the video on YouTube, or if you just Google it, you will see that there is 1.75 miles of running in the mix. Add in a quarter-mile warmup and that tacks 2 miles onto my total for the day. I didn't quite hit prescribed weight, but I was close for some of the exercises--like within 10 pounds! I think there were about 6 of us there today, equal parts guys and gals, and I managed to finish first with a time of ~23:20. I can't say for sure because the clock is on the same wall as the door to outside and I got a little side-tracked by the water fountain upon completion.

Here's a question for you guys though: If I'm finishing first, does that mean that I'm just pretty good at it, or does it mean I need to go up in weights? I'm nervous to go up too much in weights, because I know I have a weak lower back and sometimes I have problems with my shoulders popping. My biggest fear with xfit is choosing a challenging weight and not being able to complete a workout. My shoulder already popped out during snatches the other day, and I had to readjust mid-set, so do I err on the side of caution?

Also, what do you do when you're first done with a WOD? I like to be super courteous to others and rack my weights/clean up after myself before cheering on others. I also start to put away others' equipment because I know that's generally the last thing I actually want to do after finishing. And I can only imagine that others appreciate it, so long as I don't get in their way.

Once we were all done and racked up today, a few of us got to talking since another girl and I are new to the scene. I got a few comments about "lapping us," from a couple of the guys that have been working out there for a while. Half of me thinks that it was because I should have gone up in weights! The other half is like "Meh, girl, you were training for a figure competition a year ago! You're using that strength, so you're obviously not losing it!" Thoughts?

After a nice cool shower, it was my mission to get my errands done for the day, which included a dreaded trip to the mall. True fact: I hate malls! Especially indoor malls. They're claustrophobic, they're stuffy, and dodging people moving at a snails pace and 4 abreast is not my idea of a good time. But I was on a mission to find a suit, and today was the only real day I had to do so because I work every day until I leave for Philly on Friday. If I was going to find a suit, it had to be today.

Let me tell you something--shopping for suits these days is a PROJECT! I think I went into 5 stores, told them what I was looking for and was either presented with limited options (Banana Republic only has one style suit available in petites?!) or extremely trendy options (why did I even bother going into Express?? Oh yeah, because I heard they had affordable suits!). I ended up at Dillards, a department store, where I found a suit on sale, which I did purchase, but I wasn't 100% sold on the fit of it. This may be because I am extremely partial to the Ann Taylor suit I tried on a few months ago.

Well today must be my lucky day because I got an email about 2 hours ago saying that Ann Taylor had an additional discount on top of their sale merchandise. I thought, "Why not check and just see if they have that or a similar suit in their sale section? They probably won't have my size, but it won't hurt to check..." Um, SCORE!! Not only did they have the entire suit in my size, but they also had the memory foam heels that my feet were I was in love with! $25 in shipping later, and I should have said suit in 3 days!

Why do I need a suit, you ask? Well, that's a good question, but I am unable to provide an answer at this time. But that will keep you checking back, right? Right?!

Until then, check out my adorable Archibald! Quite the fitting name since he's a bit of a baldy compared to his normal 'do!

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