Friday, July 13, 2012

VB-->Philly-->Cville-->Alexandria-->DC-->VB Part 1

Circles, people! I've been driving around in circles! Not really, but I have been running around like a crazy gal! My absence has been a little longer than I anticipated, and I honestly did mean to post before I left Friday morning... I hadn't even gotten around to packing though, so I had to weigh my options and choose my priorities. My priority being getting out of Virginia Beach for the weekend and making a trip up to Philly to visit my best friend, Katie for her birthday weekend!

Before I get to that though, I did manage to have a bit of a decent 4th of July. I was down in the dumps after leaving a boring day of work, because I really don't have many people down in the area to hang out with. I did manage to make a baller salad for lunch!
Spinach base, broccoli slaw, peas, and chicken.
Normally, I spend time with friends, family, or in last year's instance, my friend's family. Not having that option this year was seriously getting to me, and I hadn't planned much more than just falling asleep after work. And based on the picture above, you can see there was no cookout option.

Unluckily, my sister hit me up and I ended up making the drive over to Norfolk to see Magic Mike with her and her friend, Sam. Not going to lie, I wasn't one of those girls that was dying to see this movie. I really didn't know what the storyline was, but I had heard of the male strippers aspect of it. And Channing Tatum. Did I laugh a bit during it? Sure. But the storyline was highly lacking, the ending was terrible and left much unresolved, and the eye candy part of it was not that great due to the wide-screen theater we were in. Let's just say I've seen better. And I'm not just talking about movies! (Take that as you will).

The night ended in an impromptu sleepover at my sister's apartment. Complete with pajamas borrowed from her.

And a night full of tossing and turning in a sweaty twin bed shared by us both later... I managed to wake up early enough to head back to Hybrid for a CrossFit workout before work. Etc, etc, etc.

Question: Does anyone else drink coffee before they workout? I'm not necessarily a habitual drink-coffee-before-workout gal, but at least within the 2 hour period before my gym time I manage to have at least a cup. I think I need that little rush from the caffeine to really make my workouts count. I know it naturally dehydrates you, but my body seems to like that.

Anyway, skip forward to Friday and I was on the road to Philly after a quick Starbucks run. Note to readers: anyone travelling up Route 13 from Virginia Beach through Delaware, there are no Starbucks locations along this route. Seriously. I was basically driving sideways because my early morning wakeup (6am) was leaving me a little tired after the 2 hour mark on the road. Countless shopping centers later and all I was coming across was gas stations and Dunkin Donuts. Don't get me wrong, Dunkin Donuts has good coffee and I'm not much of a coffee snob (ha, what a lie!), but I was about to hit a milestone on my Starbucks card--30 stars/Gold Star status! It's the little things... 2 days later and I finally got that 30th star.

When I got into Philly, I was greeted by Katie's fiance, Tommy, and their new furry addition, Cooper!
Don't be shy, little guy!
Don't worry, he wasn't sulking like that for long. I think he was just nervous about his trip to the vet when Katie got off work, because he didn't want de-worming medicine. Poor pup, he's getting over a bout of worms and has had a few accidents in their apartment because of it. Since Katie was tired from work, and I was tired from an early morning and a long drive, we decided that we should just have dinner at home and partake in some alcoholic beverages. In the privacy of her apartment where only Cooper and Tommy could judge us. We are also terrible at taking pictures these days, even though we started off my stay with "Let's take tons of pictures together!" Fail. But win in the long run!

Now, if it were my birthday weekend and presents were visible in my apartment, there would be very little coming between me and ripping those suckers open digging into my gifts. Katie has more self-control than I do. Especially given the alcohol between the time the presents were seen and the next morning when they were opened. At least I think it was the next morning...

If you recall, I mentioned filling out bridal shower invitations and doing another project with Katie's mom a few days before I left. Well, that project was "Katie's Closet"!! Pretty much, her mom and I went shopping in Loft and chose items for Katie that she could mix and match and have several different looks available from just a few different pieces. Then we went even further and staged these outfits and created a photo book out of them for inspiration!
Katie's Closet!
Look #1
Look #2
Super excited Look #3
There were several more looks, these were just the only ones she modelled for Tommy, Cooper, and me. Given that she wore the striped dress later in the day, I would say she approved of our choices! Note: I have been "adopted" by Katie's family, so her mom is known to me as "YOM" or "Your Other Mom." Love her!

A day of shopping, lunch, puppy playtime, and an ER visit later, and we were again imbibing in alcohol. The only difference? This time we she documented it. A bit.

Oh, did I freak you out with the mention of the ER visit? A few weeks ago, Katie got bit by a small dog--not an intense bite, but a bite no-less and when searching for the owner to no avail didn't work out, she opted for the painful rabies vaccine option. Saturday marked her rabies vaccine completion! I feel like she should get a placard for it--just hearing about how many shots she had to have was daunting!
Curtain "walls" separated us from awkward convo we were
eavesdropping on.
Leave it to us to make an ER visit entertaining. After cracking jokes about foaming at the mouth, etc., Katie was hooked up to the blood pressure machine when it started making a very persistent beeping pattern. And the following conversation ensued:
Me: Does that beeping mean she's dying?
Male nurse: No, it just means the printer is out of paper.
Me: Oh, we never would have guessed that!
Don't get me wrong, I think Katie and I knew were glad she wasn't dying, but really? You'd think that hospitals these days would be a little more...I don't even know!

And she will never have to get a rabies vaccine ever again! And she lived happily ever after! Especially given that she was hanging out with me!
Oh, hi! We are best friends and we braid each other's hair! 
Oh, hi! We are best friends and your puppy loves me! 
Oh, hi! We are best friends and I WILL make you pose with me!
Oh, hi! We are best friends and we are finally acting normal!
Oh, hi! We are best friends and here's a picture
of 2 of the people you love most!
Unfortunately, Katie's birthday weekend (her actual birthday was Sunday) wrapped up midday Sunday when I took off for Charlottesville, and she and Tommy got more settled in their apartment with Cooper and got ready for their busy week ahead. I'm sorry to say this is basically a "you get the gist" post. There really was a lot more about Philly that included crazy neighbors and a trip to the Mall of Prussia, etc. But if I told you every detail, I would bore you to death! And also, I need to leave you hanging for Part 2 of my trip if not just because I'm too tired to continue blogging for tonight!

And trust me, you will want to stay tuned for Part 2! Although, I really can't say too much too soon!

Happy Friday the 13th! Stay away from creepy houses, graveyards, and dark spaces!

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