Tuesday, July 24, 2012

For the Love of All Things Neon!

I have to admit, I let my attraction to all things bright and neon get the better of me when I chose to buy the Nike Free Run 3's a couple months back. I tend to be an over pronator, but I assumed that since I don't have much of a problem running in Vibrams or Brooks PureCadence, I would be equally as well off with a minimalist shoe. Turns out I was wrong. Or the shoe was wrong. Let's go with both.

Mesmerizing, right?

I really don't know what it is--I think I just have really long toes and should probably start buying men's size socks. I really like the feel of these on when i'm not running more than 3 miles. Super light, breathable, sexy neon. But give me more than those 3 miles and I get all sorts of rubbing going on. That being said, they are nice shoes, but I should have taken my flatfooted nature into consideration a bit more. It could be worse.

On the upside, these babies are great for my Crossfit workouts! They have a low heel drop, so they keep me in better contact with the floor and I am really able to sit back on my heels without falling off balance. And that's always a positive since I tend to think that I lack balance the majority of days. Goodness, am I good for anything?! I kid.

Speaking of CrossFit, it may not have been the best idea to do a pullup intensive WOD with less than a week until an important meeting in Charlotte. Oh that's right, I don't choose the WODs, I just do what's put in front of me. It was worth the torn skin, though, to say that I completed 5 rounds of: 10 pullups, 20 pushups, and 30 air squats. Can't say that I remember my time (note to self: start a CrossFit journal), but I was impressed with my progress. Especially since I have been trying to correct my kipping form for about a week now. Also, I used to think that air squats were pointless because you are using nothing more than your body weight. I completely take that back. Not only do I think they are a great indicator of your lower body strength and stamina, but I was really busting them out today! Having a group to "compete against"--aka motivate me--really helps, and I've found that the more momentum I use to propel myself, the lower I am able to get my hip crease! Win all-around!

As you can tell, I'm loving my CrossFit gym. Now if only my schedule would allow for WODs everyday. That would be ideal!

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