Monday, July 23, 2012

Makeover Monday

Dearest bloggers,

I owe you a huge apology. Last week I sat down and read over some posts I had written ranging from last year to a few months ago and then reflected on how those differ from the posts I write nowadays. Huge difference. And not necessarily a good one. When I originally started this blog, it was for my own intents and purposes, and to explain to a mass of people what my goals with fitness were in a simple and easy setting.

My posts back in the day were funny, witty, and actually reflected how I was incorporating training into my life. Granted, back then I was a college senior. And then I was a recent college graduate. And now I'm a year out, so of course it's natural for the nature of the blog to adapt to my life events, but I think I lost the foundation on which I started this.

I am not a negative person. I try very hard not to be and for those that know me in person, they know it really takes a lot to get me down. And even then, it tends to build up for a while until finally I just have to let it all out. Which was why the move from Charlottesville to Virginia Beach was so hard for me. I had a lot of time to see it coming and I tried my best to find something to keep me in the area, but timing was just not in my favor. Reflecting on that time, it was extremely difficult for me, and it still is to an extent, but I have some hopefully good things coming my way that keep me positive.

During that transitional time, I let too much of the negative get to me, and I've noticed that in various posts, it comes out in some form or another. For every happy reflection on my daily happenings, there's a biting or negative comment that I'm sure no one cares to read. I know I don't. I felt uprooted and lonely, and I still tend to feel that way when I'm not at work or at the gym. Even when I'm with my sister, those feelings sneak in, because it just emphasizes all that I'm lacking being away from so many of my closest friends. Even when I'm out running, I tend to miss having someone to train with, to run against, to push me when I honestly just feel like walking.

But like I said, the negativity is not the intent of my blog. It never was and I refuse to let it take over the tone I'm trying to convey. This blog is about me adapting my fitness to my lifestyle. It's meant to follow the trials and errors I've faced in the gym and on the streets. Well--sidewalks. Sometimes sand. Yes, obviously I do intend to throw some fun events and activities in there--that's part of the whole "fitting in fitness" mentality, but I think one day I just started using the blog as an outlet, and you guys aren't therapists, so you surely don't want to hear all that! Am I right?!

So this is the last you will hear of me venting about X, Y, and Z. When small bumps in the road pop up, I do tend to address them, but I want that to be minimal in my blog. I had a long weekend (er...week) to think this over, and I'm glad I did. I felt like I lost all motivational control I had over the blog and instead it became a super depressing diary of a high schooler girl old enough to know better. Trust me, when I found my diary from high school, I realized that diaries are terrible ideas. No one wants to read about boy problems and swim team drama and who is dating who and who isn't dating who. Oh wait--that last one...yeah I don't mind a bit of celeb gossip here and there...

As I said in my, er, meeting the other day--I am positive and optimistic person...but I'm a realist. So every post may not be perfect. Ever day I have may not be that great. But I will take from it the positive and leave the rest be. Speaking of high school, someone may or may not have used the phrase "really bad haircut and it's senior year" to find my blog. To that lucky lady, I say no one will really remember what your hair looked like during senior year. You will not remember what your hair looked like during senior year unless you're as unfortunate as I am to have it commemorated on your school ID. Oh wait, that was junior year. But still, the same thing applies--hair grows out. You will grow as a person. I'm living proof that the caterpillar can turn into the butterfly. Oh wow, that was so lame. You get the idea.

Er, now:
Dang it! Now:
For real now... Now:
And still not perfect :)

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  1. That blue dress is so cute!! Oh.. also thanks for being a walk advertisement.