Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tan Lines

I have to admit, I've actually been having a decent week! Tuesday I was able to stop by HTC, my new gym and take my complimentary class. You would think that more people go to the gym on their lunch breaks (or that's what I'm used to at least), but I was the only one in the noon Crossfit class. You know what that means--free to be judged by the instructor one-on-one instruction! Skill work was double unders and power cleans, and I was given a little refresher on the modifiers "power" and "hang" when it comes to olympic lifts. Since it was a decent day out, the WOD was a little cardio intensive. And contained a LOT of pushups.

Tuesday WOD
Buy in: 50 abmat situps
5 rounds of:
  • 5 power cleans (I think I did 75lbs)
  • 20 push ups
  • 200m run
Cash out: 50 abmat situps
I finished in 13:08, which isn't bad for a first-timer (in an xfit gym setting). I loved it so much, that I had to come back for more the next day! With that, it's official--I am a gym member of Hybrid Training Center! The amazing thing about my membership is that it doesn't include just Crossfit, but I can take unlimited of ANY of the classes they offer. You know me--I'm always excited to try new things, so my next challenge is going to be boxing!

Speaking of challenges, the next two days of WODs looked a little something like this:

Wednesday WOD
Strength session: 5-5-5 push press at 80% max
Buy in: 50 double unders (I was the only one at the 10am class that had these down. They were subbed with tuck jumps otherwise)
25-20-15-10-5 of the following, with 5 strict pull ups between sets:
  • Kettle bell swings (25# should have gone heavier though)
  • Box jumps
Cash out: 50 double unders
That last set of double unders definitely kicked my ass and by the end of them I could only get about 3-5 at a time. Otherwise, I probably could have shaved like a minute and a half off my time. Oh well, lesson learned! Definitely leg-intensive though and I was feeling that for a few days afterward!

Thursday WOD
Skill session: Snatch
5 rounds:
  • 10 hang power snatch (Only #35 due to my weak shoulders)
  • 10 knees to elbows
  • 10 burpees
This one was a doozy! I am not flexible in the least, so the knees to elbows had me, but I managed as best I could! If it's not obvious, I'm absolutely in love with my gym--the best thing so far about being in Virginia Beach! 

After a short day at work on Thursday, I was off to get a little sun by my friend's parents pool as we started to plan bridal shower stuff aka float on pool floats. Then it was time to drive to Newport News to visit the partner-in-crime during his last night of kicking ass James Bond-like activities (except better!). Apparently he was Alpha Male (his words, not mine), and was a bit disliked by those less fit. I have to admit that I'm jealous he was able to go through all of the training that he got to experience! The only way I would be able to do the same is if I was to join the military. Sigh. I'll always have xfit though!

From One Beach to Another

So you're probably thinking "What does all this have to do with the blog title? I've only heard Liz mention the sun once, if that!" Well, Megan and some of the football gang were heading to the Outer Banks for the weekend and extended me an invitation! I can't say no to good company and great location! Although I live at a beach, the OBX is a lot nicer and has a more laid-back, slow-going feel to it. So yesterday at the crack of dawn, I put on my suit, packed my beach bag and got in my car to drive through Pungo to the Knotts Island-Currituck ferry. A relaxing a peaceful morning, and by taking the ferry, it saves me a good bit of gas!
Leaving the dock.
Captain's quarters.
I was a bit too tall for the clearance, so they made me sit down. I really need to stop those leg-lengthening treatments...

Unfortunately, that's really all the pictures I have from the day, because I decided to enjoy the time I had with my friends. And I was busy falling asleep in the sun. I awoke a couple hours later when I could no longer feel my arm because it decided to fall asleep too. Oh, beach-goer problems--they're never-ending!

After about 5 hours at the beach, everyone was ready to head back to the house for the afternoon, and I had to head back to VB. I missed the last ferry, which left at 4, so I had to drive the longer way home, but it was scenic and I did a good job of decreasing my Mapquest-suggested ETA by 20 minutes. I may have found a new travel game!

By the time I got back, cooking dinner was the last thing on my mind, so I opted to use a recently-purchased LivingSocial deal, and my mother and I headed to Som Bao, a locally-owned Lao/Thai food restaurant. Generally when I get Thai food, I get the same thing every time, so we both opted to go with the server's recommendations. With outside being so hot, I was very pleased when I was presented with this refreshing dish:
Don't ask me the name of it, because I'm very uncertain, but it was like a chilled mix of chicken, lemongrass, lime juice, cucumber, onions, and mint. Beyond amazing! I will for sure be back for more!

Upon my return home for the night, the weather had cooled off with the approach of an overnight storm, so I took the newly-groomed pups for a mile and a half walk around the neighborhood.
Now that they're no longer overgrown bushes of fur, they last more than 3 minutes outside. Success! Although at first glance, it's really hard to tell them apart... Until Archie perks up his ears. Now I'm off to deny the fact that I got a bit too much sun and thus look ethnic.
Just a couple hours until Crossfit today! Oh, and in case you were wondering, NEVER go running at noon when it's 95 degrees out! On Friday, I forgot there is no 12pm xfit class, so I got half way there before turning around. Since it was the only time I had to run before work, I departed for a 5 miler and may have walked the last mile. Better than nothing, but I wish there was a sprinkler to run through!
Now THIS is what I'm talking about!

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