Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are You Feeling it??

It's WILW and you better believe I'm feeling the LOVE!! Have been since my super depressing posts last week and having to deciding to postpone my competition. But there is good news! You'll have to wait & read though, because it's in the love (list)!

Although I could list all the things I'm not loving this week (hello, awful, awful hot-as-hell weather!)...oh wait, that's about the only thing I'm not loving.

Here goes another round of my favorite weekday--I knew there was a reason I was glad I don't work today!

Love List (13 July 2011)

  • You guys!!-- Seriously, thank you so much for all your support and kindness over the past week. I can't say it was easy to be so positive-minded, especially on Thursday and Friday, but I've managed to pull through. In fact, I'm starting to think of the postponement as a new opportunity and a blessing in disguise. After coming back from my grandma's house, I felt like I was battling myself to lose the weight that I had just lost and regained. That setback was not only physical, but mental and no matter how much I lied to myself, my motivation had taken a large hit. But thanks to everyone's encouragement, I see the light at the end of the tunnel--there ARE always other competitions, and I can only come along further than I already am. This brings me to #2...
  • Regrouping-- I have had the time to think over the past few days about what I want out of competing and when I want to do it. At first, competing for me was the motivator I needed to go that extra mile to get in shape. But starting this blog has helped me understand that it's not just about looking good, but feeling good too. Having come off my prep a few days ago, I've wandered into what seems like No Man's Land. I feel like I'm standing in the desert with a blank nutrition plan in hand and I can't see anything for miles. It's just me. As I mentioned the other day, I'm trying to maintain a certain number on the scale. And so far so good. But what I'm really loving is that I have the self-control to limit what I eat and how much. I've added some things back in (just check out my Whole Foods pic), but my ongoing competition with the mirror is keeping me in check. Also, having set a NEW competition date, albeit only in my head, has kept my motivation high. I've hinted toward thinking about a November show, but I'm for sure going to do it! It's in my iCal, so I have to, right?!
My 22nd bday is the 25th, so this gives
me one last hurrah before prep starts!
  • Tuna Steaks/SEAFOOD-- Give me tuna or give me...tuna! Not that prep didn't allow me to switch up my protein sources, but I sort of found that out a bit late in the game. I'm from the beach, so I'm definitely a seafood kinda gal! Make me live without it and it won't be much of a life. Unfortunately when I was cooking yesterday, I ran out of my fave Mrs. Dash seasoning (Caribbean Citrus)and had to sub it for Fiesta Lime, but the end result was still to die for. Add in some cut up green pepper strips and some roasted squash and I was in food heaven. Did I mention this was my lunch? Uh, yeah. I don't do the whole fancy dinner thing ;)
I had eaten most of the squash at this point...
  • Crazy Awesome Weather-- A thunderstorm's a' rollin' in! And of course the weather weenie in my had to geek out, jump on my bed to look out the window, AND take pic. But seriously, one half of the sky--normal hot-as-hell sunny 95-degree day; other half of the sky--grey/black with ominous clouds. And thunder--yay (I'm being serious right now)! I really need to do something with my envi sci degree & my internship experience. Otherwise, I'll just keep posting boring fun pics when I can!
Normal, cloudy, HOT...
...grey/black, ominous!

  •  3 1/2 Days Off in a Row--Next week I work early Tuesday morning then I don't have to return to work til Saturday! Although this means no money those days, it also means I have the opportunity to do something, anything! I already made a phone call to my momma--I've been trying to get her to come visit with the pups so we can go do fun Cville activities, but she "doesn't like to make plans ahead of time." Her words, not mine! Anywho, I think I've finally convinced her, and although she's unsure what day, she's going to come up! Oh the possibilities--peach picking, hiking (more like walking with the pups), strolling along the downtown pedestrian mall. Sigh--Mom & Liz time is nice!
  • Gold's Gym's Cardio Cinema--This came to my rescue today as my reprieve from my smoldering hot apartment. Not only was a movie playing--Miracle (circa 2004), but I got to leisurely walk on the treadmill AND it was probably 10 degrees cooler in there than anywhere else in the entire gym. Oh, did I mention I brought a tumbler of limeade with me? You would have thought I was going to lounge out by a pool or something. I resisted bringing a magazine since the movie was on... which was SO GOOD that I had to stay until the end (extra hour and 45 min of low, low intensity cardio? Yes please!)!!
I can haz as Mac wallpaper?!?!
Alrighty, well I'm going to get going--I have a meal to eat then back to the gym for a real workout at 6. I'm seriously contemplating that last image as my background... 

Why are all the sports movies so inspirational?? They always make it to my list of top movies!
What do you love this Wednesday??


  1. I love... that my body is feeding off of protein and not carbs. :) I love that we have the ability to bust our arses in the gym, to get so tired, that we sleep amazing at night. I love good sleep. haha!
    Glad you're doing well with deciding to post-pone. But don't take this as time to slack! Build those shoulders girrrrrl! ;)

  2. OMG, yes I LOVE good sleep! I don't know if I just haven't been sleeping well or if the weather has been getting to me, but I almost fell asleep TWICE today, and I'm not a nap kinda girl!

    And you bet your butt I'll be building those shoulders! Also working more on the abs :)

  3. I LOVE your love list! :) SO psyched for your new comp date! :) Get it, GIRL!

    I <3 seafood, and put Old Bay on EVERYTHING! :)

  4. I love the "sport movie" Seabiscuit (well, and I love horses!!). November isn't too too far away, so I'm glad to hear you have a new date :)

    I love the blogging community, too - it's so great to have people with the same level of interests!