Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tests After College??

I've determined this is all a test--a test of my will power, determination, motivation. And a test for my body. Right now, I've introduced some foods back into my diet that are not necessarily "prep" foods. When I say some, I actually mean very few. I went to Whole Foods TWICE yesterday. Granted, the first time I went, I had to cut my trip short, but during each trip I spent about an hour in there. So two hours total. Stores like that suck me in, but I still find myself comparing EVERY nutritional fact label imaginable. I'm a nightmare to go shopping with (which Megan now knows because she joined me the second time). I'm one of those people that compares 10 of the same product, as well as puts things in her cart, second guesses her choices (or feels guilty) and puts it back, and the cycle goes on. When I walk out, I only end up with a handful of things.

It was especially hard yesterday because lately I've been a little wary of how to eat now. Obviously I still need/want my protein, but I do want to add some good carbs back into my diet, as well as a little good fat. I'm trying to keep my weight between two numbers (a 5lb range), but I am striving to find the right balance. And given that many of the blogs I follow show delicious, yet healthy, meals (especially breakfast), it's really testing me! I'm still staying active in terms of exercise, but I have to get my food plan down soon! That being said, I haven't gone overboard AT ALL--it's that grocery shopping guilty that's saving me--phew!

Here's a pic of my picks from WF:
Soy tempeh, Seitan, Kaia foods sprouted sunflower seeds, 2 Larabars, 4 thinkThin bars, NSA Apple Butter, and whole flaxseed.

I'm not vegetarian whatsoever, but I really enjoy the texture of tempeh, and I've had it deliciously seasoned before, so I'm hoping I can recreate something similar. And I've never cooked seitan before, but I assume it is similar, and the nutritional content was shockingly amazing. The Larabars and thinkThin bars are for adding some substance to my greek yogurt in the morning (I plan on using 1/3-1/2 a bar in a parfait-esque style); apple butter is a mix-in for my oats. And the sprouted sunflower seeds and flaxseed are also yogurt add-ins. I like options :) The squash and cucumber in the background are from a co-worker--as I was leaving work yesterday, I saw a bag filled with them that said "Help yourself!" Don't mind if I do!
The squash has already been sliced and roasted. At 9 am. That's because my second test is this darn Central Virginia heat--today there's a heat advisory because it's supposed to reach 98 degrees (add at least 5 degrees more, as usual, for an accurate high)! In fact, apparently it's supposed to reach a record high today--and keep in mind I don't have AC!! That being said, I'm pounding out this blog then retreating from my apartment. Anyway, in addition to the squash, I cooked these suckers up:
Gonna be delish!
I have my momma to thank for these babies! I put the salmon fillets in aluminum foil pouches with some Mrs. Dash Herbs & Garlic and a generous amount of lemon juice and threw them in the oven with my squash. The tuna I cooked on the stove top with a bit of olive oil, Mrs. Dash citrus, and cooked them hopefully no more than a rare to medium-rare temperature. That's the only good way to eat tuna steaks, in my opinion!

Oh before I forget, I have to backtrack a bit to my weekend! I promised I would add some pics from my hiking adventure with my friend Kelsey and her friend Elizabeth. We hiked Humpback Rocks, which is part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, early on Sunday morning. It's not too long of a hike, but it is elevated. Not terrible, but not easy. Let me tell you something--it was SO worth it! The views were breathtaking and at the top, you really feel like a daredevil standing on the cliff-like rocks! Of course, I left my camera in the car (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!) so the two pictures I have are from Kelsey's camera:
Kels & Me

The 3 of us--we made it!
Kelsey is really outdoorsy, so she's hiked this numerous times. Since Elizabeth was just visiting, it was her first time on the trail, as well as mine. Even though I own hiking boots (I got them for a weekend camping trip a couple of years ago, and have to get my use out of them). That being said, I really want to start trailblazing  hiking more!! Obviously not with weather as HOT as today...

And a view from the scenic outlook on Afton Mountain on the way back:
I love the mountains in this one!
And of course I can't go anywhere without taking a sky/weather pic!
Well, I think I'm gonna head up to Target and wander around for a while in their nice AC. I'll leave you with a pic from one of my last trips up there:
Not a fan of this water--too "sweet"!
There! I think that makes up for my lack of pictures at the end of last week! Now please help me out a bit: How should I balance my diet since I'm not in prep?? I'm having a hard time justifying eating some things, but I don't want to stick to chicken & broccoli (or eggs & oats) all the time!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!

P.S. I'm thinking of doing a show November 19th--but not setting anything in stone quite yet! I need to see how the new job & new job title treat me :)


  1. Balancing in the offseason is hard. My suggestion is to slowly add back in carbs/cals 10-20g per week until you hit a confortable maintenance... and enjoy a treat meal here and there!

  2. hnever had a larabar. you'll have to tell me how they are! : )

  3. @Becca: thanks for the advice! I'm thinking I only have a few weeks of off-season if I aim for the Nov 19th show, so slowly adding back in sounds perfect!

    @Nini: I haven't had them before either! I've heard good things, so they must be delicious, right?? Today I used the sprouted sunflower seeds as my mix-in (AMAZING, btw), so I think tomorrow I'll try out one of the bars & tell you what I think!

  4. Just now catching up on all my blogssss - first of all, I LOVE YOU. I think we can all understand that things don't always go according to plan, and sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to accomplish the greater goal. I have no doubt that you'll get on stage this year and WORK IT. You want it & you will go get it :-). Alsooo, DANG, that view is sensational! Hiking is the BOMB.com.