Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Like A Rock Hitting A Windshield

It's appalling. I can't believe the court system in Florida. I really hate to get all political and put my opinions about this matter out for all to read on my blog, but I'm just in shock! All the evidence points to guilty--SHE lied, her mom lied, they found post-mortem DNA evidence in her trunk, the list goes on--and yet she's going to walk free! The only thing Casey Anthony is found guilty of? Lying to police officers. Is she going to serve time? No. And yet every day that she walks free is another day that her little girl should be alive. But isn't. It's just so sad, and hearing/watching the verdict (while out to lunch with my mom) was hard. All this news coverage has me close to tears. 2 years old--Caylee had so much life ahead of her, and yet she doesn't get to live it. It's not fair. Life isn't fair. And yet, it seems neither is death.

As for my blog title, this also refers to this:

A rock ACTUALLY hitting my windshield on my drive to my mom's house in Virginia Beach today! This has happened to me before on the main road in Charlottesville--29N, so as soon as I heard two swift  cracks about 5-10 seconds apart, I quickly scanned my windshield. I was NOT happy with what I saw. And of course, a hauling truck was to blame. Ty's Hauling with a VA license plate of 23-226--I'll be watching for YOU!!!! I wasn't really sure what to do, and it was literally right before I was supposed to change interstates, so I slowed down to catch the license plate number and the company name. Sometimes I amaze myself at how smart I can be...or practical. I actually held it together whereas I would normally burst into tears, but I was on a mission. The only problem--this truck driver was an Ass with a capital "A." First, he slowed down when I slowed down (and no, there was no speed limit change). Then, he got in the FAR left lane, as I was in the far right line (once again about to switch interstates), so as to avoid me! I know he knew what I was doing. I also think he knew that some of his "haul" got loose. Luckily (and I say this relatively), I was able to get the info I needed, switch interstates on my correct route to Mom's, and give her a call. This is word-for-word what I said when she answered:
"Mom, I need you to write this down NOW. Virginia license plate 23-226. Ty's Hauling."
I went on to explain what happened and she hung up with me and called the company. Did you know that apparently these sorts of companies are not responsible for damage done by their haul? How annoying is that?! Apparently they are considered "road hazards." To which I respond: if they are hazards, WHYYYY are they allowed on the road?? Come on now people! Fortunately, the crack did not spread, and my insurance will cover it. And fortunately, they will be making a house call while I'm dress shopping with The Bestie, so I won't have to wait around all day. Sorry Mom--but thanks for waiting around for me! Sigh.

A trip to Trader Joe's was just what I needed to get my mind off the unfortunate, aforementioned events of the day. I stocked up on TJs unsweetened vanilla almond milk, TJs greek yogurt, seaweed snacks, TJs green salsa, almonds (to restock the "community" stash at LOFT), TWO POUNDS of oatmeal (nom nom nom), and broccoli slaw for my green veggie tonight. You know--all the essentials :) Perfect timing, because I just ran out of oats this morning, after making this concoction:
Soak oats in stale coffee overnight...
Shed a tear over the last 1/4c oats...
Play paparazzi to The Oats (yup, they're celebs in my house)
...Add Walden Farms no cal (etc) chocolate syrup, a packet of stevia, and bake in the oven at 375 for 35 minutes. Bonus point if you multi-task by taking your post-gym shower while they are cooking. When they're done, get ready for some lovin' from the oven! I imagine that it's like an oatmeal form of a mocha frappucino (never a big fan of the chocolate Starbucks drinks). Delish!

For the rest of the night, I get to spend some time with these adorable guys:
Murdoch being... Murdoch!
Archie begging my momma for some popcorn,
I mean... puppy treats!
I don't mention much of Murdoch, but he is my mom's dog. When I first got Archie, I sent my mom the CUTEST pic of him curled up on my bed tired from the "long" hour drive home and lonely from being separated from his siblings. After the initial "Liz, please don't tell me you got one of those puppies," she called me back about 10 minutes later saying:
"Are there still any puppies available? Can you please call them and say your mom wants one too?? He's SOOO adorable! Are they all colored like that? How much was he? He's sooooo cute!!"
So yes, we are now a complete family! A week later, I picked up the other little guy, Murdoch (then unnamed), for my mom. While Archie has a bit more personality/is a bit more energetic, Murdoch enjoys long walks along the road, napping in front of the front door, and snaking his way in the grass along his belly trying to find a cool spot. He's the teddy bear. Archie is the bunny. And they are so hilarious together!

Well there you have it! Now, I'm off on a run, and for the rest of the evening I get to sit through my mom jokingly mention my ex, trying to get a reaction out of me and try to convince me to join match.com. Apparently, since she's buying me groceries tomorrow (Hello, CHICKEN!!), this is the price I have to pay. She literally said that: "Since I'm buying you groceries..." Small price--it's not like I have to do anything besides bear with the crazy talk ;)



  1. I've heard Walden's farm products are pretty good!

  2. Unfortuantely we don’t have many options when it comes to walden farms in Canada let alone a small city like Ottawa. But I did discover Chocolate Stevie in Powdered Form yeah baby!

    It's really sad the whole situation re: Caylee… Ugh it makes me sad thinking about it.

    As for your OATS uhmmm delish I am going to try that!

  3. I have to admit, some Walden's Farm products are better than others. If you are tempted to try the peanut butter...DON'T. It tastes rancid and has a very bitter/acidic aftertaste. NOT pleasant. Some of the other products taste like straight up splenda (NOTE: don't try to eat any of the "dips"--marshmallow, chocolate, caramel--straight from the jar), but as long as you put them ON something, they are not bad. The BBQ sauce is yum! And the dressings are alright.

    @Nini: powdered chocolate stevie??? I have to try that!! And yes, try the oats--you won't regret it :)