Monday, July 4, 2011

(Not As) Productive Weekend!

Hey friends! Happy 4th of July! Today is also my grandma's birthday, so I need to call her soon here. But anyway, here's a recap of the weekend for you. P.S. This is what happens when I don't outline my video blogs. But I think I hit on all the major things...

Also, how cute is Google today?? LOVE!

Here's my take on a patriotic outfit--rocking the red pumps, white iphone, and blue chambray dress (& nails now)!
Note to self: Windex mirror!
I fully realize (now) that this dress makes me
look like I have a huge belly... I don't, promise!
How did you spend your long weekend?? Did you wear patriotic colors or were you lame (kidding!)? Dish please!


  1. lol Well I was working (canada) our celebration was on July 1st. You look wonderful the way and hope you made that bday call to grandma.

  2. Thanks girls! I tried calling my grandma, but she never answers :( I left her a sweet voicemail, and I'll try calling her again this weekend.