Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in Action!

Interestingly enough, I find the best times are the ones that go unplanned. I didn't have much in mind for the weekend, but when it came down to it, I had a great time. Especially yesterday!

Of course, no weekend is complete without a little work. I may not have had a chance to get to the gym yesterday (darn it!), but I did get a workout changing mannequins' clothes and climbing ladders to get the windows ready for our new store set. Yes, sometimes we actually have to do "physical labor" at Loft--but it's usually more fun than it is daunting.

I had tentatively had plans with my friend, Megan, the night before, but when it came around to it, I passed on the idea, out of exhaustion and crappy weather. I mean, normally I'd be all for drinking a bit of wine under the night sky at a local vineyard. But add rain into the mix and I'll definitely pass.

So when Sunday rolled around, Megan and I got together for the most unproductive day ever. Went downtown for a little browsing--a little more than window shopping but a little less than buying anything. It gave us a reason to go into Urban Outfitters, where I, of course, had to try on some dresses "in case I decide to do something for/around my birthday." I already told you that I use my birthday month as an excuse for everything, right?? Not so much this year though. I honestly just wanted to try on dresses!

In love with this dress!
Creepy smile, but the dress was pretty cool.
I hate to say it, but both of these dresses are so "Urban Outfitters." Not my normal style, but I liked that they were both interesting. I should have taken better pictures of the back of them--the first one especially. And of course it was the last of its kind, so if I decide to spend way too much money on a dress buy it, I'm sure it will no longer be there.

I'm actually pretty content looking at these pictures. Since I chose a new competition date, I've gained a few pounds not being as strict with my nutrition (per Pleasants' advice). Having been so strict for so long, I definitely have a few issues with the mirror and the scale, ha. But I know I'm at a better starting point than I previously was, and I'm extremely glad for that. We all know that I have a hard time being objective...

Anywho, after the fitting room fun at Urban, we decided to check out all the neat shit things they sell--mostly random, all for laughs. My favorite finds included:
Are you outdoorsy??
Truth. Especially with Megan around.
A tribute to Logan.
Love this. 
So I'm especially in love with the water bottle. Having gone to the preppiest university (according to some website that I'm not about to hunt down), I've encountered many a student with these Nalgene water bottles. I used to be a member of the Outdoors at UVa club--I know that the majority of those kids would never step foot in the woods, let alone camp out in a sleeping bag among nature. I won't even go into the terrible gym habits of most students. But let's just say that's why I continued to pay for my Gold's membership even though I had free access to the on-grounds gym(s).

So back to Sunday--Megan and I perused the downtown mall for a little bit longer, hitting up some vintage shops before sporadically deciding to watch Horrible Bosses at the movie theater. Amazingly funny movie! My favorite line is actually from one of the out-takes--"This place is awful! It's like Sharper Image took a sh*t in here!" I think it's especially funny to me because I know someone who could sort of fit into this category...

Walking out of the movies, we were greeted with gloomy skies.

These may be classified as a touch more than gloomy, if you ask me. We had just enough time to get to the car before it started torrentially pouring down rain. The winds picked up, and for a minute I was unsure if we would actually get home safe. Secretly, I was intrigued--I've always thought I could have a future as a storm-chaser (kidding...maybe)!

Home safe and sound, I got to meet another furry friend, this time one that Megan is watching for the week:
Say hello to Bun-Bun!
 While this girl was probably scared out of her mind (and without power) back at my apartment:
You can almost see that glimmer of crazy in her eyes!
Only 3 more days!
Megan was fortunate enough to actually have power, so we invited some friends over and made Sunday Dinner, Jersey Shore style (aka while watching Jersey Shore...After Aladdin ended of course!).
Watch out, she has a knife!
I was skeptical, but this actually turned into
a decent lettuce-less salad after more was added.
 I had pasta for the first time in probably a year last night. Can't say that I missed it. And now, I get to enjoy my day off, with newly restored power and a cup of this stuff:
Already hit up the gym once today--got in some leg work (kinda, sorta), abs, and some HIIT split between the stair mill and the treadmill. I'm excited to say that I'll be back in the gym for my two a days (I was dying without this last week!) with a workout with Kevin and then a CX30 class and/or a spin class with Megan!

How was your weekend? Anyone have any crazy weather stories?? I'll try to take some aftermath pictures if I can later today!

Have a great Monday!

P.S. Application and all accompanying materials submitted--wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!!


  2. My weekend was still full although getting over sickness! I ended up doing a spurr the moment dining room paint job, which who doesn't love randomly painting a room?! Honestly. ;)

  3. Epic dance parties indeed...and UO is not always my style but I am trying to veer away from my usual.

  4. I love those kinds of weekends! AND I love the glasses =)